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Concise History of Super Sentai (Part 3)

This very concise history and notes of Super Sentai is mainly taken from old Wikipedia article about Super Sentai. The old article gives us brief description of each show in one paragraph, but the current version of article just trimmed this paragraph off. I also take several notes from to find interesting facts.
Whenever I can, I added one or two trivias to let us reminded to the series. So, here it is, A very concise history of Super Sentai once published in Wikipedia.

This compilation will divided into three parts:
Part 1 - Gorenger to Fiveman (14 titles)
Part 2 - Jetman to Dekaranger (14 titles)
Part 3 - Magiranger to Zyuohger (12 titles + Akibaranger)

this is part 3

Mahou Sentai Magiranger (魔法戦隊マジレンジャー Mahō Sentai Majirenjā):
Year 2005. Motif is magic and basic elements. Magiranger represented Magitopia to fight villains group Infershia.
- the first to have the ranger physically transformed into a mecha, as opposed to machine based mecha.
- the third all siblings member, after Fivemen and Gogo-V
- the sixth hero marries one of the core team members, the second marriage between member since Jetman
- the rarely-used seventh and eighth heroes are the parents to the core team.
- the footage is shoot in New Zealand
- Footage used in Power Ranger Magic Force
- Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Gold, with White and Dark Blue as extra member

GoGo Sentai Boukenger (轟轟戦隊ボウケンジャー GōGō Sentai Bōkenjā):
Year 2006. Motif is based on adventure and treasure hunting. Home base organization is Search Guard Successor SGS, to fight villains which are consisted of three groups, the Gordom Civilization, Jaryuu Tribe, and Dark Shadow, which collectively called Negative Syndicate. As the 30th Anniversary series, this series included the 30 Sentai Encyclopedia clip at the end of each episode.
- the first appearance of Aka Red, the spirit of Super Sentai warrior in movie The Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.
- the first series to be filmed in high-definition resolution.
- the first to featured multiple groups of loosely allied antagonists instead of one main antagonist group.
- Boukenger featured extra ranger which is originally a weapon, which transformed into human form name Zubaan.
- Footage used in Power Ranger Operation Overdrive
- Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Silver, plus Gold

Juken Sentai Gekiranger (獣拳戦隊ゲキレンジャー Jūken Sentai Gekirenjā):
Year 2007. Motif is based on Chinese martial arts (then Muay Thai and karate to its additional warriors) theme with wild animals. Home base organization is SCRTC, villains called RinJyuKen Warriors. Instead of robots, the mecha of Gekiranger are manifestations of the heroes' qi (気 ki). Gekiranger is also unique in that the story also focused on the show's two primary antagonists turned anti-heroes.
- the first new colored hero in ten years, which is violet
- return of only three + two members team for the majority of the show, before villains turn into rangers which counted as extra hero in official Super Sentai 199 movies, which gathered all Super Sentai in one movie.
- Footage used in  Power Ranger Jungle Fury
- Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet and White/Silver, then Black and Green  
Engine Sentai Go-onger (炎神戦隊ゴーオンジャー Enjin Sentai Gōonjā):
Year 2008. Motif is based on automobiles mixed with an ecological theme: the antagonists are seeking to pollute the Earth. Go-onger is associated with Machine World to fight villains Gaiark. To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Super Sentai VS crossover series, Engine Sentai Go-onger vs. Gekiranger was released theatrically; and every next sentai to follow this tradition.
- the first female additional ranger who joins with a male ranger, bringing the team size to seven regular members
- the first twelve-piece combining robot.
- As with Abaranger, the Go-onger mecha are a character and speak in the Japanese language.
- the return of prefix "Go-" after Gorenger, then to be followed with Go-buster
- the series is semi-parody sentai, just not as extreme as Carranger
- Marking the debut of the music supergroup Project.R, Go-onger was also the first Super Sentai series to have its theme song single reach the top-ten of the local music chart.
- Footage used in  Power Ranger RPM
- Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Green, Pink, and Silver and Gold.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (侍戦隊シンケンジャー Samurai Sentai Shinkenjā):
Year 2009. Motif is based on samurai theme with other aspects of Japanese culture. Shinkenger fighting under Shiba Clan banner to villains as Gedoshuu.
- the first crossover with the Kamen Rider Series which running parallel in that season
- the first to have additional movie, an "encore" release following the end of the series.
- the first to featured female Red ranger as extra member, the second to have Red as extra member since Timeranger
- the first to featured all equal gender on the same battle at one point, 3 male 3 females. Dekaranger did reach same equal gender but they didn't manage to gathered at the same moment.
- starting Shinkenger, TOEI begin to use majority no human form in villain's designs, believe to make it easier to bring them back in the future as well cutting the budget for hiring actress/actor
- Footage used in  Power Ranger Samurai and Super Samurai, marking the first Super Sentai to have two seasons in Power Ranger since Zyuranger.
- Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Gold, then Red female ranger.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger (天装戦隊ゴセイジャー Tensō Sentai Goseijā):
Year 2010. Motif is based on angels and collectible card games. Goseiger fight under Gosei World name, against villains group from Warstar, Juumaju to the last group Matrintis. The series is directly runs with the Super Sentai Battle: Dice-O arcade game, a card game, and also a clips of previous super sentai versus movies.
- Three groups of antagonists appeared in the series, one supersede the other
- the return of non human sixth ranger, Gosei Knight
- Goseiger don't have an official leader as usually played by Red ranger, but all team member are equal in term of leadership.
- This is the first season to have all the Rangers use a card. MagiShine in Magiranger was the only other Sentai Ranger to use cards.
- This is the fifth season to feature vehicle-animal hybrid mecha, following Liveman, Zyuranger, Dairanger, and Go-Onger.
- the first show to have the team appeared briefly as cameo in the current running Versus show. Mean Goseiger made appearances in Shinkenger vs Go-onger show, the tradition to be continue ever since.
- included rare background story of deceased ranger given in full detail, Gosei Green. The actor is the same with Dekaranger's Sen-Chan / Deka Blue, this is the third occurring super sentai actor between series, although Deka Blue is a regular ranger and Gosei Green is only a cameo ranger.
- Footage used in  Power Ranger Mega Force
- Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Gold

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャー Kaizoku Sentai Gōkaijā):
Year 2011, motif is based on pirates. Gokaiger is the 35th Super Sentai anniversary, the main storyline is to obtain all previous 34 sentai teams' power, thus making Gokaiger a heavily cameo to all past sentai show. Gokaiger fight as private pirate against villains group called Zangyack.
- the series is a total homage to Super Sentai franchise, thus making each episodes an unique one with return of previous sentai team.
- the first sentai that able to transform into other 34 super sentai power, using Gokai Key. The list of past sentai which featured in Gokaiger's episode can be seen in this list.
- the first sentai to have a roll called mostly in different pose, accordance to cameo of past super sentai
- the first sentai that officially team up with Space Sheriff show franchise
- the first time to have hero's head quarter used as regular mecha, the Galleon is their main mecha for whole show -
- Power Ranger adaptation is Super Megaforce. Super Megaforce will also maintained footage from Goseiger, it will be Power Ranger 20th anniversary with lots of return PR actor as in Gokaiger. The poster had been released by Saban in June 2013.  
- Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink and Silver

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (特命戦隊ゴーバスターズ Tokumei Sentai Gōbasutāzu):
Year 2012, motif is based on spies and energy crisis theme. Go-busters is a return to strict and formal organization called Energy Management Center to fight villains Evil Organization Vaglass.
- the first series to use leather costumes for the heroes.
- the first series where each member to have personal partner, they are androids. The androids is in human formed and then transformed into mecha.
- the first series to almost didn't use roll called in their early episodes.
- the first series to have the official name in plural form, Go-Busters
- the first series to not use 'ranger' or '-ger' in the series name, instead use "Go-" , the second after Go-onger
- as Gokaiger is a popular show, Go-Busters was a shock to have the lowest rating of 4, one of worst series in super sentai history
- Go-Busters marked the crossover to Metal Heroes franchise in regular episodes as Gavan type-G appear in two Go-Busters episodes. 
- the first show since Dairanger that will not have a Power Ranger adaptation.
- the first sentai to have another super sentai show running parallel. Akibaranger is "un-official" sentai show , which is a parody running in the same year as Go-Busters.
- Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow with Gold and Silver.

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger (非公認戦隊アキバレンジャー, Hikōnin Sentai Akibarenjā)
Year 2012 and 2013. This is 'un-official' Sentai show running parallel with Go-Busters and Kyoryuger in 2012 and 2013. Three ranger are fighting as Sentai fans in delusion mode, to fight villains who going to take over Tokyo's Akihabara lead by Marushina and General Tsu.
- the first official 'un-official' spin off of Super Sentai from Toei
- this is a parody show and contained serious adult theme, not suitable for children
- running two seasons
- Only three active ranger with many past sentai appearances, the Blue ranger is replacement from the previous season.
- the only series to have female ranger as majority to male ranger, and in fact all female crews in head quarter.
- Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー, Jūden Sentai Kyōryūjā)
Year 2013. Motif is based on Dinosaur. Kyoryuger under leader Torin to fight villains group Deboss Army.
- The return of Dinosaur theme after Zyuranger and Abaranger
- The first sentai to have at least ten rangers appears on regular season show. Dekaranger also has ten rangers but some of them only exclusively appears on summer movie or extra OVA.
- The first sentai to have a dead member come as a ghost/spirit as extra ranger
- The second show to have Violet color ranger, and Violet to be the oldest ranger that do transform in super sentai series. Kyoryu Violet later will be transfered from Dr Ulshade to his daughter, Yayoi Ushade, making the first non-red ranger transfer in Super Sentai since Bioman. Yayoi also to be the first female ranger to wearing a glasses.
- The first show to have Gray color, Gray is confirmed as there also appear Silve color.
- The first show to have all three of Blue, Cyan and Navy color together in one show.
- The first Sentai to crossover with previous sentai of same motif, in this case Zyuranger and Abaranger
- The first to have the current sentai actively collaboration with their previous 'spirits' / senior sentai team
- The first sentai to shown the substitution / transformation of ranger power to new member, in the late of the show  
- Thus, Ayumi Kinoshita become the first actress to officially played in two super sentai team
- In Movie 100 Years after, thus the first sentai team to have concrete story for their whereabout and legacy in the future, 100 years after.
- Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Green, Pink and Gold. Extra and Spirit ranger Cyan, Gray, then Silver, Violet and by now only in summer movie, Navy.

Ressha Sentai ToQger (烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー Ressha Sentai Tokkyūjā)
Year 2014. Motif is based on Train theme.
- The first sentai that have their member changed colors between each other. 
- The first team to have member wears glasses 
- The first team to have their ranger also can transformed into villain formed, due to its past history.
- Two more colors (Purple and Black) ranger, but restricted to few episodes only
- The first red ranger to transformed to black and rainbow color
- Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Black

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (手裏剣戦隊ニンニンジャー)
Year 2015. Motif is Ninja.
- The third sentai that based on Ninja theme.
- The second sentai to have previous sentai team appeared on regular episode, Gokaiger is the first one, but Gokaiger is a tribute season.
- The color red, blue and yellow all male, the last sentai using this is Gaoranger. The female are white and pink, the last sentai using this is way back to Liveman.
- The sixth ranger is the first sentai using western cowboy theme.
- The second series where previous sentai member appeared in regular episode, refered to Hurricanger, Magiranger member appearances.
- Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Pink, Golden

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger (動物戦隊ジュウオウジャ)
Year 2016. Motif is animal.
- The first main animal theme after Gaoranger
- The first to have majority of ranger as non-human, beside Zyuoh-Red, all the four of them are Zyuman tribe.
- Color note: Red, Yellow, Cyan, White and Green. This is the first to have this combination. The first series to not have navy blue since Magiranger and before that, Hurricanger. The first yellow male since Magiranger.

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger (宇宙戦隊キュウレンジャー)
Year 2017. Motif is space / planet / constellation.
- This is the most radical changes in super sentai series, Kyuranger started with nine sentai member, although they appeared one by one in the first four episodes.
- The first to have exclusively space theme, Carranger is one of them.
-  The first sentai to have more than five member in starting line up
- Color note: Red, Orange, Blue, Gold, Black. Silver, Green. Pink, Yellow, then = Violet, Cyan and Red

Total 40 Super Sentai + 1 Unofficial per 2016

I compiled these articles in quite a rush, so if there are corrections please give in "comments" below. Not all details necessary included here, but interesting facts are welcome. Article compiled from Wikipedia and Powerranger Wikia.

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