Wednesday, May 8, 2013

BIMA The Garuda Warrior - English Trailer Subtitled

Here comes the first real deal of Indonesian tokusatsu, with full support of Japan's company. BIMA The Garuda Warrior is the latest Indonesian-Japan tokusatsu project. The series will premier on June 30th 2013, produced by joint operation Indonesia's MNC and Japan's Ishimori Production. It also reported to have toy line produced by Bandai.

The villain is Rasputin from VUDO evil organization. The hero is Ray Bramasakti , the name is translated as Ray=Light (well, English anyway supposedly), Brama=name of Hindu God , Brahma, sakti=powerful. Ray to be transformed into Bima, armoured super hero, by using a Red Power Stone by mentor, Mikhail. Ray allies is Rendy and Rena, Ray is an orphan.

Bima weapon revealed to be Helios and his finishing move is Garuda Strike. The character design of Bima is very close resembling of Kamen Rider series.

The casts: Christian Loho as Ray Bramasakti, Stella Cornelia (JKT48) as Rena Iskandar, Rayhan Febrian as Randy Iskandar, Adhitya Alkatiri as Mikhail, Sutan Simatupang as Rasputin.

By now, only a trailer and production team's interview being released. Red White Sentai proudly released the sub title of the trailer. You can found it in the link below.

Official Trailer - Bima Satria Garuda

English Subtitle (Hard sub)
DDL for Bima Trailer 2013  ( M e d i  a   f i r e)
26.8 Mb

meanwhile I just learn that JEFusion also provide source of English subtitled BIMA trailer, you can check it here at JEFUSION , where you can find alternative translation there.

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