Sunday, February 27, 2011

How many Super Sentai Members?

With Gokaiger and its resurrection of "previous Sentai power", the fans are calculating , exactly how many Super Sentai member that ever exist from the show.

I made this simple chart and here my version of counting. It is 201 if we counted all rangers that ever occured in the show. However, with so many confusing parts as shown below, this is just an alternative view on this matter. So, my version are :

Basic super sentai team = the core team that initially recruit to work from the beginning
total = 167 rangers + Aka Red

Extra team member = somehow, in crisis time, surprise member join in. This/these member then join in frequently to help core member, and some even stay as permanent member (Bouken silver, Gekiviolet etc.)
With this, total = 193 rangers
Other member = ranger that only occasionally help the basic + extra team, they are not part of them.
With this all total ranger characters = 201 rangers

The official 199 Hero did not included: Ninjaman, Gunmajin and XI Mask, but included in Gekiranger=Melee, Ryo and Zuuban.

Maskman - XI Mask is green,fight on one episode only, not included in 199 War
Zyuranger - the sixth is green while black is in core team
Kakuranger - Ninjaman is blue color, not included in 199 war.
Ohranger - Kingranger / riki is black, and Gunmajin is other not included in 199 war
Carranger - VR master is black and Signalman blueish, they are counted as 'other' team.
Gogo V - Kyoko is golden/black color
Timeranger -Timefire is red
Hurricaneger - the goraijer are blue and red
Abaranger - though Emiri once put in a "pink" costume, but it is fake one.
Dekaranger - Earth branch are 5+Dekamaster,swan and break. Others are Dekabright and dekagold
Magiranger - Magishine is sixth, Wolzard and Magi Mother are 'others'
Boukenger - Bouken Silver, I missed out Zuban

Gekiranger - Gekichoper is White and Gekiviolet, I missed out Ryo and Melee
Go-onger - Go-on Wing are Silver and Gold, no pink!
Shinkenger - Kaoru is the basically same as Shinken Red and counted as one (it's the same design afterall), bit of confusing here.

UPDATED 2011 : Gokaiger now has Sixth ranger- Gokai Silver / Gai
And also in 199 Heroes movie, the addition are ; Zuuban (Boukenger) and Mele and Rio (Gekiranger)
that make the number from 201 to 204 now!

UPDATED 2013: well, with Go-busters and Kyoryuger added, the list will need to update! I'll wait until Kyoryuger settled its fascinated line up of rangers in the few next week! So far we got :
Go-busters: five more members
Kyoryuger: five + cyan + gold + grey ... and maybe more in the future, as the time of writing (June 2013)



Friday, February 25, 2011

Power Ranger Jungle Fury Photos

Power Ranger Jungle Fury promo in Singapore, taken one year ago. Though Singapore has a strick rule for children show, somehow Power Ranger is quite a big franchise in the island. But, I don't think Singapore will ever air original Super Sentai version.

In case you come across this posting via random image search, Jungle Fury was base on 2007 Super Sentai show, Gekiranger.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 2, more Dekaranger in future Episode

Gokaiger episode 2 is even more mouthwatering for its "previous sentai power". This week we got full team of Dekaranger and Hurricanger. Then everybody transform into Red ranger, guess who is in the picture:

I also really like the soundtrack, more classical-like music. Fighting scenes is great, showing the piratee superiority to their enemy, exchanging weapons become fighting motif for Gokaiger. Storyline given more clue about what is Earth's greatest treasure.

Episode 3 will featured Magi-red, thus return of Atsushi Hashimoto, big boy now. Will there any returning of female Ozu family? can't wait for it. And just read that in future episode, more Dekaranger actors will come in, including Ayumi Kinoshita, then Deka-Red and Doggie Krueger (always great to have a doll actor). See in Japanese here,btw, google translate can't help much.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Best Super Sentai of the 2000s

Let’s have some fun to do a super sentai best list ....again. There is of course subjectivity in the list since I can’t remember all detail of super sentai series I've watched. Which is why I just list all the 2000s era Super Sentai. I base the list mostly on character casting, since this is what actually we enjoyed in the series, and second point is the storyline. And again, the term "best" here is just for provocative purposes since actually it is mean as "my favorite" ;P 
1.       Boukenger 2006:
Using a very suitable motif for super sentai, the Adventure theme. The storyline decorate with many past stories, revealed one by one thru the series, such as Natsuki’s story. The characterization went superb with all the cast looks very charming in their respective role. The female are lovable (Haruka Suenaga!). Theme song and costume design is great. The villains also done in creative way with three-side organization design.

2.       Dekaranger 2005:
Dekaranger is a little anomaly in super sentai. It is mostly come with mature storyline with Space Police theme. The motif is simple and repetitive (taken from Timeranger and even copy from Metal Series motif), but its main strength is in their one-shot episode. Every episode written in creative storyline and it is enjoyable for mature audience because of how excellent it is. Characterization is the strongest in super sentai with all characters get their unique-ness, Banban is hyper sanguine police, Hyoga is Choleric and competitive, Shen-chan is their brain and thinker, Jasmine is an Esper and Umeko is the team’s kawaii member. The series also dare in exposing mature romance. Having best sixth and seventh (and more) member . The villain design also unique for it is almost a non-organization,unpredicatable enemy until the very end.

3.       Magiranger 2005:
Magiranger strength is in their storyline. It is written in a concept of continuously story right from beginning. The character’s casting is a bit weak, it was take time for me to accustomed with all male actors (and it was even hard after you just watched Dekaranger), and the females are look too look-alike (well, they supposed to be... sister). The villain put it the anti-villain theme with Wolzard. The series use harry potter-like magic motif that will very unlikely to be repeated again.

4.       Shinkenger 2009:
 Because there already two Ninja motif in Super sentai, Shinkenger using a variant of it, a Samurai motif. The storyline is also interesting and arguably super sentai's most intrique storyline ever. But this did not make me higher this series as the top three, as I more into light but interesting episodes rather than a chain of heavily written episodes. Character casting is in good chemistry as a team, with Red character back to melancholy-type ala Boukenger (which I prefer more). Females cast is loveable beauty vs kawaii combo. For its lack of “wildness” Shinkenger add in Genta/Shinken Gold to lighten up a bit. This is also the first series introduce pure female Red ranger.

5.       Timeranger 2000:
I remembered little about this series but what I love is the idea of its motif, time travel police. Celebrating the conversion from 19xx to 20xx it is the best time to use this motif. Character are still quite carry on from “classic” sentai, where their acting are  very “Japanese” (screaming and emotional expression most of time, compare to Dekaranger's "cool" acting).

6.       Hurricanger 2002:
I love this series mostly for their home base setting, which is very Japanese and contradict with the Super Sentai that suppose to be high tech environment. Their three piece member are use to maximum for providing enough storyline. Additional two Goraiger and Shurikenger is interesting motif. Have two loveable female villain, maybe to compensated the lack of female casting in their core team. And some of episodes are really humorous.

7.       Abaranger 2003:
Reproduction of Dinosaur motif after Zyuranger, improved and the dino theme fit in nicely to their costume, some of the best super sentai costume, imho. Again it is a three piece but since Hurricanger already a three piece sentai, Abaranger is suffered for I-want-more at the time of release. The characterization is great but I found it’s less develop and the story quickly turn to Asuka. The first episodes is great in storyline, and maybe the only super sentai that featured "mis-recruit" ranger in first episode where a grandpa and hyper active girl being given Abaranger changer.

8.       Go-onger 2008:
Actually a loveable light theme sentai, and actually I enjoy most of their episodes. The episodes are consistent from beginning even after the arrival of Go-on Wings, making you can expected from what you want to watch in random pick. Characterization is okay, all male actors are fit in their rule and the Saki / Rina Aizawa just excellent.

9.       Gekiranger 2007:
A Chinese martial art motif. The storyline cannot be taken lightly and actually a very promising one. This is because the present of Rio as anti-villain / anti-heroes is a promising script. What make me avoid this series is the weak character casting, Geki-red is too wild most of time while Geki-blue is too cool. Only after the arrival of rest of two Gekis that the series become “eye-friendly”.

10.   Gaoranger 2001:
Gaoranger is the series quite below average of the rest 2000s sentai. It is somehow too dark and too serious where you feel a depressed rangers most of time. Even the movie Hurri vs Gao was premised with the Gaos being captured and tortured. The animal theme is okay, but then overly done with too many mechas tranformations.  Character casting also take time to get familiar with, since their acting still following classic Japanese style. Opening song is also too experimental and side away from Super Sentai standard. Their body outfit costume are not match with their excellent helmet design. Luckily the series has a Super Sentai vs movie, which bring in more interesting theme and memorable battle.

So far Goseiger is still developing in my watching. The first episodes are not that deep in storyline, but the casting and costume is all ok to me. Gokaiger, is even promising as the moment of writing and I super like the character casting so far.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 1 commentary

Now we're officially Emperor's enemy.......

So, they are officially up and running now. Gokaiger episode 1 was English-subbed 24 hours after its premiere, it was that fast and those still haven't got it can access GUIS page here. This episode opened with straight forward premise about huge challenge for Earth by the Space Empire. And, supposely in flashback, 34 Super Sentai teams already fought this, but yet they need to dissapeared aftermath.

The Gokaiger pirate ship arrived near Earth and their intention is for a "treasure". While investigating Earth, Gokaiger clash with the Space Empire and thus the story of Super Sentai vs Space Empire officially begin.

For this episode here are several questions that will be the theme for the rest of the show:
1. Timeline of the clash between Space Empire Zangyak vs 34 Super Sentai team
2. Time gap between event no.1 to current Gokaiger event
3. The Greatest Tresure
4. How the 34 super sentai team being inactive
5. How the Gokaiger have the 34 super sentai "key" transformer

Gokaiger must be the first sentai team that fight in COMPLETE and most SOLID team work on Episode 1. Other interesting fact is, the Earth's community is aware of the 34 Sentais, and waiting for the 35th sentai to come and rescue them. And I really like the characterization of the team, and this will be a very promising in character exposition for the rest of the show.

Snapshot from GUIS fansub video:

Flashback of 34 Super Sentai vs Space Empire

2011 Goranger

Ending Song videoclip

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine 2011 with Hurricaneger Ep.26

Happy Valentine for those who celebrate it. Many Super Sentai episode written with love theme, but for tomorrow, I recommend you to watch Hurricaneger Ep.26 "Bow & Arrow and Sea Bathing (弓矢と海水浴)", a fun "cupid" theme episode.
Isshuu is the recipient of Jakanja Love Arrow Monster

With Nanami as his first love, but ... another rival come in

Isshuu made his move

And with a cow, "..because you like cute animal"

and beautiful Nanami just.... "Huuuuh ???"

There is one more love/ring/proposal episode theme in Episode 13 Moustache and Engagement Ring (ヒゲと婚約指輪). A well written episode, about a missing proposal ring, ending scene:


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 1 Premiere

It's Gokaiger premiere on Sunday morning, February 13th, 2011. Aye, Pirate Sentai! According to (many) fans blog, we already have Goranger, Shinkenger and Magiranger on the first episode. I am not very keen on this concept for having previous sentai keep show up, but the positive of this is, we will have many 21st century footage of classic sentai. For now see the 2011 version of Goranger , courtesy of Henshin Grid.

Wallpaper: Gokaiger

Gokaiger Wallpaper 1280 x 800 (Notebook size!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Classical Music in Super Sentai


How often classical music appeared in Super Sentai series? Just now I was watching Jetman Ep.5 and saw how comfortly the villain, Grey, enjoyed his classical music disc. The piece being played was Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in Em.

Grey enjoying Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto

I will add in more when I encountered other interesting classical music trivia in super sentai.

Monday, February 7, 2011

List of Super Sentai Fansubs

This is a list to all well known fansub groups that translating Super Sentai series. In this post I want to express support for all dedicated volunteers that involved in making Super Sentai sub. This compilation of links only covered 'well-known' groups and in English language only. To respect the fansub groups, I will only posted link to their official website (unless the official website no longer can be found). There are many others links uploaded by minor, lesser-known party which mostly in-active or only doing one-shot of episode. You can also search Super Sentai torrents in torrent search engines. For related cross over movies, VS movies of Super Sentai, just go to the fan sub website.

As per 2014, Shout Factory begin their reign to licensed Super Sentai series, starting from Zyuranger, Dairanger, Kakuranger and Ohranger. This are wonderful news, but in effect to this, fansubs are removing their worldwide released. The dark age had come where millions of super sentai fans will never watched some of the officially released series ever.

Major Super Sentai fansubs links:
- TV Nihon: Super Sentai DDL / Torrents
- Overtime
- Grown Ups in Spandex  aka. GUIS

by Deadfish
Bad Apple Fan Subs (1-24)
Delta Fan Sub (24-29)
Rampage Subs (almost completed by now)
notes: all Deadfish links are dead now, but their subs can still be found elsewhere via search engine. In 2014, news circulated that a grup Bad Apple Fan Subs and Delta Fan Sub were translating Goranger, but their resources also taken down the net. You can find Deadfish scripts HERE.

by Grownupsinspandex (GUIS) (1 episode and currently cancel)
Love & Care (1-3 episodes)
Category RARE

Battle Fever J
by Grownupsinspandex (GUIS) (1 episode and currently cancel)
Super Hero Time! ,
Mega Beast Empire,
JN Production
by Deadfish, rumoured they have do episodes: 1-2, 4, 7, 9-11. The fansub group disbanded, so you will need to google for unofficial website hosting their files.
Category RARE
Sun Vulcan
by Deadfish,
Gaosoul Forever completed this series. Gaosoul- notes: gaosoul website is dead , their website was and alternate links (also inactive now..), You will need to google for unofficial website hosting their files.
Goggle Five
by Deadfish,
Hikari Senshi (3 episodes)
notes: As the series was most popular Sentai in Indonesia, there are many Indonesian-language video circulating around, if you are Indonesian or Malaysian, Goggle Five can still be found elsewhere by search engine.
notes 2: Actually,.... there exist a soft sub text in .SRT for the whole series! It is in English but the grammar are very sketchy and off. Timing was accurate and it's understandable. You may found that by search engine.
by Deadfish
Category RARE
by Deadfish ,
GUIS , active episode 1-38
by Tv-Nihon (only 8 episodes) ,
Super Hero Time!
by FantasyForever (only first episodes, DDL are dead),
Supornova (only 8 episodes)
FinishSubbingSentai (only 1st episode)
by Supornova (7 episodes)
GUIS (completed)
by GUIS (completed)

by was doing this but links no longer working 
Evolution Fansubs starts the project for earlier episode.
by  GUIS (on going)
by Elitejustice
notes: Elitejustice's sub seemingly dropped, GUIS is doing it now.

by GUIS (completed), also doing this and may have their torrent alive
by Grownupsinspandex (GUIS) ,
Tv-Nihon ,
Elitejustice (confusing website)
Official Zyuranger DVD had been released by Shout Factory in USA. Fansub groups are removing their fansub to respect the official release. All links are no longer available and serves only as memories to reminded us the golden age of super sentai fansubs. Those who within their power to owned the official DVD should buy them! 
by HenshinOrganizatioN,
Tv-Nihon ,
Supornova (only 3 episodes)
Hikari Senshi
Official Dairanger DVD had been released by Shout Factory in USA. Fansub groups are removing their fansub to respect the official release. All links are no longer available and serves only as memories to reminded us the golden age of super sentai fansubs. Those who within their power to owned the official DVD should buy them!
by Deadfish,
Hikari Senshi (New),
Bara Fubuki,
GUIS (complete)
Official Kakuranger DVD had been released by Shout Factory in USA. Fansub groups are removing their fansub to respect the official release. All links are no longer available and serves only as memories to reminded us the golden age of super sentai fansubs. Those who within their power to owned the official DVD should buy them!
by MillionFold Curiosities (completed)
 Supornova (only two episodes)
Official Ohranger DVD will be released by Shout Factory in USA soon. Fansub groups are removing their fansub to respect the official release. All links are no longer available and serves only as memories to reminded us the golden age of super sentai fansubs. Those who within their power to owned the official DVD should buy them! 
by Harorangers
by Tv-Nihon ,
Million Fold Curiosity (completed)
by Deadfish,
Hikari Senshi (up to episode 16) 
by Overtime  (up to episodes 18)
Red Rouge Ranger
Super Hero Time
by Gaosoul, but gaosoul website is dead now
Hurri and Aba,
by Haro Ranger
there also existed a complete ripped of Hong Kong sub, search it.
TV Nihon 

Hikari Senshi with Aesir
Hikari Senshi
Tv-Nihon ,
Order of Zeronos,
Over-Time (soft sub)


Akibaranger Season 1

TV-Nihon ,

Akibaranger Season 2 (2013)

Tokkyuger . ToQger
TV Nihon

TV Nihon

TV Nihon SD - HD

TV Nihon

Lupinranger vs Patranger
TV Nihon

last update:
17 Feb 2016 - Zyuohger is up
29 Dec 2015 - Checking the list, Ohranger updated as "Completed"
25 Feb 2015 - Ninninger added
03 Nov 2014 - more notes on earlier and rare super sentai series
04 Oct 2014 - Added MillionFold Cur subs, Imagination Station and Zyuranger being pulled down
21 Feb 2014 - redesign the whole page
31 May 2013 - fixed most GUIS link

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