Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 1 commentary

Now we're officially Emperor's enemy.......

So, they are officially up and running now. Gokaiger episode 1 was English-subbed 24 hours after its premiere, it was that fast and those still haven't got it can access GUIS page here. This episode opened with straight forward premise about huge challenge for Earth by the Space Empire. And, supposely in flashback, 34 Super Sentai teams already fought this, but yet they need to dissapeared aftermath.

The Gokaiger pirate ship arrived near Earth and their intention is for a "treasure". While investigating Earth, Gokaiger clash with the Space Empire and thus the story of Super Sentai vs Space Empire officially begin.

For this episode here are several questions that will be the theme for the rest of the show:
1. Timeline of the clash between Space Empire Zangyak vs 34 Super Sentai team
2. Time gap between event no.1 to current Gokaiger event
3. The Greatest Tresure
4. How the 34 super sentai team being inactive
5. How the Gokaiger have the 34 super sentai "key" transformer

Gokaiger must be the first sentai team that fight in COMPLETE and most SOLID team work on Episode 1. Other interesting fact is, the Earth's community is aware of the 34 Sentais, and waiting for the 35th sentai to come and rescue them. And I really like the characterization of the team, and this will be a very promising in character exposition for the rest of the show.

Snapshot from GUIS fansub video:

Flashback of 34 Super Sentai vs Space Empire

2011 Goranger

Ending Song videoclip

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