Sunday, August 4, 2013

Super Sentai Ranger Count Up to Kyoryuger

As Kyoryuger making up debut for Violet, Cyan, Navy, and Grey color sentai, it's a good time to update the super sentai rangers counting chart. In 2011, I had done a chart showing all known rangers, this chart was done before the knowledge of later 199 Hero movies. So, it was a bit of messy as we all not know the official counting yet. So, right now please see the newer version, 2013 Super Sentai Chart.

Super Sentai Chart - How Many Rangers are there?
How this counting different from 199 Hero, 220 - 5 - 16 = 199 Rangers

Not included in Great Battle = 5 rangers 
Ninjaman (Kakuranger)
Gunmajin (Ohranger)
VRV Master (Carranger)
Dekabright and DekaGold (Dekaranger)

Appearances after the Great Battle = 16 rangers
Gokai Silver
Gobusters (5)
Kyoryuger (10)

Maskman - XI Mask is green,fight on one episode only, not included in 199 War - so I also unlisted him.
Zyuranger - the sixth is green, the first additional member.
Kakuranger - Ninjaman is blue color, not included in 199 war, but counted as official 'Bangai' hero
Ohranger - Kingranger / Riki is black. Gunmajin was not included in 199 war but a Bangai hero.
Carranger - Signalman is blue, VRV is 'debatable' Bangai hero not taking part in 199 War but has enough air time in the show, hardly can ignore him.
Gogo V - Kyoko and Beast Demon Hunter are unofficial 'debatable' Bangai hero, so unlisted.
Timeranger -Timefire is red
Hurricaneger - the Goraijer are Navy Blue and Red
Abaranger - though Emiri once put in a "pink" costume, but it is a joke/fake one.
Dekaranger - The 'Earth Branch' are 5 Dekarangers plus Dekamaster and Dekabreak fighting regularly. Deka Swan is not much in play on the show, others are Dekabright and Dekagold, who appear on movie. Interestingly, in 199 War, Dekamaster and Dekaswan was included, together with Dekabreak.
Magiranger - Magishine is Gold-Navy color and is additional team, Wolzard and Magi Mother are extras.
Boukenger Bouken Silver then Zuban is Bangai / Extra  hero.
Gekiranger - Gekichoper is White and Gekiviolet, Melee and Ryo was also officially 'good' guy by now.
Go-onger - Additional member is two ranger called 'Go-on Wing', are Silver and Gold
Shinkenger - Kaoru is the basically same as Shinken Red and counted as one (it's the same design afterall), bit of confusing here.
Goseiger - there existed Gosei Green, but will not included.
Gokaiger - pretty much all five + Gokai Silver
Gobusters - also fixed, 3 Gobusters plus Gold and Silver
Kyoryuger - Now my version is: 5 Kyoryugers, additional are Gold and Violet (both active). Extras are the spirits = Cyan and Grey,  then unknown 'category' are Silver and Deathryuger (Navy). Kyoryuger, as the time of writing will at least has 10 color rangers.

Of course the list also excluded our respectable UnOfficial Sentai - Akiba Red, Akiba Blue and Akiba Yellow, from Akiba ranger.

If you like to study the older version of chart, counted before the release of 199 Hero movie, here the link:
How Many Super Sentai
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