Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Super Sentai 2012 Gobuster Photos preview

Information about the new Super Sentai for 2012 - the photos Gobusters now widely circulated. I repost some of them here. I still dislike the suit, it is too simple and too mature. It is less fantasy. The theme will be a spy team hunt for ghost, hence the similarity to "Ghostbuster".

Gobuster toy advertisement, graphic design, art design and poster.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mao Ichimichi of Gokai Yellow

Mao Ichimichi is the talent girl playing Gokai Yellow. She also previously known as Rio Hinami and star in Sakiyami Jan Bang! series in 2010. Born in Osaka 1992, she is only 19 when on his Gokai Yellow duties.

Here updated photos from various sources.

on her outdoor gravure photo shot

Photo Album

with Yui Koike of Gokai Pink

and off cast photo group of Gokaiger

More Super Sentai Female Photo Collection:

Ai Moritaka of ToQger Pink
Rin Tanahashi of Shinken Pink
Rika Satoh of Gosei Pink
Mao Ichimichi of Gokai Yellow

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Super Sentai vs Kamen Rider Movie 2012

So, early rumour about the possibility of the show combined Super Sentai vs Kamen Rider is pretty much confirmed. The movie will put in  Gokaiger vs Decade setting. As gathered from forum resources, early facts will be:

- Working title: "Superhero Taisen"
- 40 Riders up to Fourze
- 200 Rangers up to Gobuster
- Directed by Osamu Kaneda (Kamen Rider 000 and other Rider movies)
- Filming begin December 2011 and to be in theater around May 2012
- Producer Shirakura says, "In the year after the anniversary we're not going to power down but cross it.... We want to show things you can't see in the regular shows. This was pretty close to impossible but I'd like to make it the norm for our spring films. Rider is science, sentai is magic." (as quoted from Henshin Justice)

- Confirmed cast includes:
  • Masahiro Inoue (Decade)
  • Ryota Ozawa (Gokaired) and entire Gokaiger casts (personal blog memos)
  • Rina Akiyama (Naomi from Den-O)
  • Kenjiro Ishimaru Owner/Stationmaster from Den-O)
  • Momotaros
- News source here and here

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gokaiger Ep.28 Waruzu and Barizorg Requiem

Gokaiger now entering his storyline arc twister moments. In Episode 38, the leader of the Zangyack known as Waruzu Giru was killed by Gokaiger's newest mecha combo, Kanzen Gokai-Oh. Along with this episode is Barizorg storyline arc also come to end. Barizorg, a fearful yet faithful bodyguard to Waruzu killed in the fight with Joe. This ending however put official end to the Joe-Sid story arc, that Barizorg never resurrected as Sid ever again.

With the ending of Waruzu "era", now the Zangyack commander could be fall into Damarasu. We should expect to watch more fierce fight between Zangyack and Gokaiger. Can't wait for the last part of Gokaiger show, which haven't touch any details on Don's background.

The episode 38 also officially screened the newest Gavan incarnation. Gavan will play Gokaiger in early 2012, so much to be wait on this movie.

Appeared on Episode 11, Barizorg stated his loyalty right from beginning.

Which somehow annoyed Insaan in Episode 12.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gokaiger vs Gavan 2012 and Gobuster confirmed

Not only Gokaiger will be a monumental canon for the whole Super Sentai tradition, but it will also touch the other genre, the Metal Hero canon. After rumour on internet, forums and blogs for several weeks, the movie Gokaiger vs Gavan is now confirmed! This epic crossover will premiere this January 21st. The Romaninzed title is 海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャーVSギャバン Kaizoku Sentai Gōkaijā tai Gyaban.

Good news for old Gavan fans but it will be interesting to see how it affect Super Sentai canon, since it will be also touch the part that Kenji Ohba (playing Gavan) was also Shiro Akebono aka Battle Kenya and Daigorou Oume aka DenziBlue! This not included his cameo on several modern series, notable in Gekiranger as Dan.

Crossovering between genre is not unusuall in stage show, here the cassette cover of Gavan vs Goggle V stageshow back in the 80s tv series!

2012 Super Sentai successor - Gobuster will make debut on this title as well!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ohranger in Gokaiger Episode 31 .... and Tamao Sato

Ohranger is a series of super sentai of the year 1995. Many favorite this little known and least popular series.But reality was, this is the sentai that almost got the super sentai franchise cancelled. Gokaiger episode 31 again bring back the memory. And as many good scenario written on old series, the Ohranger tribute was good. So, here some of captured Ohranger Gokaiger tribute. Notice that the leader of Ohranger, now maybe the highest commander in U.A.O.H. (or... "Wow" in Gokaiger ep.31) Goro Hoshino. But interesting is Momo Maruo is now the Vice President, surely special relation to the leader. One more Ohranger member flash in Gokaiger ep.31 as the person who super sentai power got sucked by Bosco. for graphic design degree.

Great performance by Tamao Sato

Portraying Oh Pink Momo Maruo is Tamao Sato. Born in 1974, here some of her best photos from Google search.

Friday, September 30, 2011

2012 Super Sentai Tokumei Sentai Gobusters

After month of rumour that the new 2012 sentai will named Genki Sentai Baruganger and then rumour to be Hyaki Sentai Hidenjya (= Hundred Stranges Taskforce Mystery Ranger), we are now pretty much confirmed that the new sentai instead named Tokumei Sentai Gobusters (Special Mission Taskforce Gobusters)

The theme will be a ghost theme. Most probably speculated as three rangers starter, as the pattern that Toei always started it after the anniversary Gaoranger -> Hurricaneger and Boukenger -> Gekiranger. The ghost theme will be new motive, the closer I can commented is Magiranger and Maskman.

Let's wait in anxious!!

online degree

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Super Sentai 200th member - AbarePink

Well, it is indeed Emiri Imanaka of Abaranger once transformed into Abarepink, although with that special pig mask (episode 11 of Abaranger).... Now the Gokaiger episode 29 put in more details into the obsession and, now, Emiri Sanjou (married to Yukito) give GokaiPink a AbarePink ranger key. Emiri was played by actress Michi Nishijima. Well, that's about Gokaiger episode 29 for Abaranger theme. A funny episode and also highlighted is Ahim cosplay into school teenage and nurse... hmm talk about obsession.

Now the next half show of Gokaiger will be interesting as always.

and Abarepink

Abaranger with "full team"

graphic design degree

Monday, August 22, 2011

Choujuu Sentai Liveman Photos

Here snapshot of 1988 Liveman super sentai series. Taken from original series, the Gaoranger vs Super Sentai and Gokaiger bootleg. Free to use to do mark up with Photoshop

Liveman from Gaoranger vs Super Sentai 

From Gokaiger : 

You can see comparision that the costume is exactly same from all edition.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Forgotten Hero, Ninjaman

During the Legendary Great War, there are heroes that missed out to join the 199 Heroes gathered by Aka Red. Notably was Ninjaman ニンジャマン, the Partner of Justice in Kakuranger world. How is it Ninjaman who is a very quirky character not join to help the Earth and other allies to fight the invader? According to biography found on net,  "In the finale, after the Youkai are sealed away, Ninjaman is now with his masters and says goodbye to the Kakurangers." So he might be not around Earth or summonable during the battle time. Perhaps one of theories to explained this. In 199 all super sentai team up to battle Zangyack, included also Zuuban from Boukenger team, that many feel not actually a character, Zuuban was a sword tranforming to human sized character helping the Boukenger against villains. Which oftenly compared to the absence of Ninjaman.

Ninjaman :
He is the pupil of Sanshinshou, the three god generals. A thousand years ago, he was deceived by Daimaou to attack humans and he was imprisoned within a blue pot as punishment. The pot was hurled into space by Daimaou. The bottle returned once the war between the Youkai and the Kakuranger was at full swing. The Kakurangers found the bottle, and Tsuruhime was the only one able to remove the golden hammer from the bottle to break it open. As a ninja master, NinjaMan wields a katana, and has a wide array of ninja-magic skills, including enlargement to aid his mentors in their fights. He has the ability to ride on a cloud called the Kinto Cloud. Whenever a Youkai calls him "Blue Squirt" or insluted in such a manner, he gets angry and transforms into SamuraiMan , who connects his weapon with its sheath to form a powerful javelin. In this state, SamuraiMan creates explosive energy spheres formed from his rage in his ultimate attack, Samurai Rage Bomber. In the finale, after the Youkai were sealed away, Ninjaman was able to go away with his masters and bid goodbye to the Kakuranger. "Partner of Justice, NinjaMan!"  from Wikipedia and Supersentai.com database

Ninjaman inside the seal container, a blue pot.

For his punishment, being deceived to attack humans

Transforming to Robo size as Samuraiman

quirky character as well.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Asami Kai of Magiranger

Asami Kai played as Urara Ozu / Magi Blue in Magiranger, her character was gentle and motherly. She was born in 1987 in Kumamoto, Japan. Here some photos, enjoy. Her official blog (well design) is here http://www.kaiasami.net/, she is doing a great photo modelling there.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

List of Gokaiger Previous Sentai Transformation and Power

Gokaiger's previous Super Sentai transformation per episode. This is version 1.5
Also listed, is Super Sentai Power that Gokaiger received by episode.

Episode 1: Gorangers, Shinkengers, Magiranger

Episode 2: Dekarangers, Hurricaneger & Gouraiger
Shinken Red, Gao Red, Magi Red, Gosei Red and Geki Red

Episode 3: Abare Black, Ninja Black, Go on Black
Big One, Gao White and White Swan (Jetman)
Super Sentai Power = Magiranger

Episode 4: Gekiranger, Dekarangers

Episode 5: Goonger, Dairanger,Dekaranger
Super Sentai Power = Dekaranger

Episode 6: Vul Panther (Sun Vulcan female version), Bouken Yellow
J.A.K.Q., Go Yellow (Gogo V), Yellow Racer (Carrangers)

Episode 7: Gao Red, gao Yellow, Gao Blue Sun Vulcan
Super Sentai Power = Gekiranger

Episode 8: Gaorangers, Denzimen, Google V

Episode 9: Turboranger, Jetman
Super Sentai Power = Gaoranger

Episode 10: J.A.K.Q

Episode 11:Zyurangers, Dynamen, Gingamen

Episode 12:Shinken Blue
Super Sentai Power = Shinkenger

Episode 13:Gingamen

Episode 14:Zyurangers, Carrangers
Super Sentai Power = Carrangers

Episode 15: Dragon ranger (Zyuranger),King Ranger(Ohranger), Time Fire, Shurikenger (Hurricaneger), Deka Break (Dekaranger) as villains
Kiba Ranger (Dairanger), Mega Silver, Gao Silver, Abare Killer, Magi Shine, Bouken Silver, Goon Gold and Silver/goon wing, Shinken Gold, Gosei Knight also as villains

Episode 16:  Bosco summoned same line up as episode 15.

Episode 17: Time Fire, Mega Silver (f). Magi Shine, Abare Killer (f), Dragon Ranger (Zyuranger)
GokaiSilver debut.

Episode 18: Shinkenger, King Ranger but not fighting since Gai change to Shinken Gold instead.

Episode 19: Goongers, Go on Wings hybrid version,
Green Two (bioman), Green Flash (Flash man)

Episode 20: DekaMaster, Wolzard Fire, Magi Mother, Black Knight as villains
Super Sentai Power = Gingamen

Episode 21: Boukenger, Kakuranger, Shurikenger
Super Sentai Power = Boukenger

Episode 22: Abare Blue, Dragon Ranger (zyurangers), Goseigers, Dairangers, Ohrangers

Episode 23: Fiveman and Magiranger (pink,yellow), Gogo V
Super Sentai Power = Gogo V

Episode 24:Megaranger, Hurricaneger, Timeranger

Episode 25:Liveman, Abaranger, Hurricaneger

Episode 26:Hurricanger
Super Sentai Power = Hurricaneger

Episode 27: Bioman

Episode 28: Bioman, Maskman, Jetman
Super Sentai Power= Jetman

Episode 29: Abaranger
Super Sentai Power=Abaranger

Episode 30: Liveman, Denjiman
Super Sentai Power=Liveman

Episode 31:Goon Wings (combined Gold and silver), Ohranger
Super Sentai Power=Ohranger

Episode 32:J.A.K.Q. , Dynaman, Kakuranger (when fleeing), Gekiranger (without Don), Maskman (Red only), Changeman (without Yellow)

Episode 33: Dairanger

Episode 34: Megaranger

Episode 35: Battle Fever J, Changeman, Dekaranger

Episode 36:Goonger
Super Sentai Power=Goonger

Episode 37: Wolzard Fire, Ginga Black, Signal Man, Zuban, Magi Mother

Episode 38: -

Episode 39:Megaranger
Super Sentai Power=Megaranger

Episode 40:
Gai solo fighting: Ginga King, Shinken Gold, Abare Killer
Team fighting: Timeranger
Goseiger vs Shinkenger footage: Deka Red, Magi Red, Bouken Red, Geki Red, Go on Red
Super Sentai Power= they forgot it!

Episode 41:
Pink double team with GokaiRed = Shinken Red and Female Shinken Red
with Gokai Blue = Deka Master and Deka Swan
with Gokai Yellow = Gosei Yellow and Gosei Pink
with Gokai Green = Gouraigers (Hurricaneger)
with Gokai Silver = Goon Gold and Silver

Episode 42:
Gekiranger (plus Rio and Mele), Fiveman

Episode 43:
Ginga Green, Magi Green, Shurikenger, Flash Green, Dairanger Green, Shinken Green, Denjiman Green, Go Ranger Green.

Episode 44:
GaoYellow, Zyuranger Yellow, Bouken Yellow, Dairanger Yellow, Gosei Yellow, Hurricane Yellow
Battle Fever (full team)
Magi Mother
Super Sentai Power = Battle Fever J

Episode 45:
All 35th super sentai footage, in Gokaiger version.

Episode 46:
Super Sentai Power = Kakuranger

Episode 47:
Dairanger, Hurricaneger, Gingaman - all without Red

all Red Ranger in Gokaiger Episode 48

Episode 48:
All red, Mega Red, Gosei Red, Deka Red, Denji Red, Ginga Red

Episode 49:
Magiranger full team,
Sun Vulcan Red, Mask Blue, Changeman Black, Flash Green, Fiveman Yellow

Episode 50:
Zyuranger Red

Episode 51:
GokaiRed - Akaranger, Boukenred, Redracer, Gingared, Redhawk, Ohred, Shinkenred
GokaiBlue - DiaJack, Tenmaranger, Go-on blue, Bluethree, Goblue, Goseiblue
GokaiYellow - Vulpanther, Yellowmask, Fiveyellow, Abareyellow, Gaoyellow , Yellowlion, Gekiyellow
GokaiGreen - BattleKenya, Dynablack, Blackturbo, Changegriffin, Megablack, Dekagreen
GokaiPink - Denjipink, Ninjawhite, Gogglepink, Pteraranger, PinkFlash, Timepink, Magipink
GokaiSilver - Goseiknight, Shurikenger, Bullblack, Kingranger

Gokaiger vs Gobuster 2013
Goggle V, Timeranger, Hurricaneger (Gouraigers and Shurikenger), Sun Vulcan
all red- Goon Red, Magi Red, Liveman Red, Dyna Red, Denji Red, Geki Red

                 for graphic design degree
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