Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ohranger in Gokaiger Episode 31 .... and Tamao Sato

Ohranger is a series of super sentai of the year 1995. Many favorite this little known and least popular series.But reality was, this is the sentai that almost got the super sentai franchise cancelled. Gokaiger episode 31 again bring back the memory. And as many good scenario written on old series, the Ohranger tribute was good. So, here some of captured Ohranger Gokaiger tribute. Notice that the leader of Ohranger, now maybe the highest commander in U.A.O.H. (or... "Wow" in Gokaiger ep.31) Goro Hoshino. But interesting is Momo Maruo is now the Vice President, surely special relation to the leader. One more Ohranger member flash in Gokaiger ep.31 as the person who super sentai power got sucked by Bosco. for graphic design degree.

Great performance by Tamao Sato

Portraying Oh Pink Momo Maruo is Tamao Sato. Born in 1974, here some of her best photos from Google search.

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