Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gao Soul Forever released Ohranger vs Kakuranger

So that Kakuranger is on spotlight again this week. After subbed by Hikari-senshi yesterday I saw the link on the movie Ohranger vs Kakuranger done by Gao Soul Forever. The long wait for Kakuranger resurrection is here. Check the link now.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

199 Great Battle .... delayed

Following March 11st 2011 earthquake in Sendai, the super sentai movie 199 Great Battle is now officially affected and delayed. See their announcement here. According to some fans report, the reason is because they can't continue filming due to current circumstances.

199 Great Hero Battle is a Gokaiger, Goseiger and Goranger movie that due to release May. We continue to pray for Japan for quick recover, and also to our beloved Sentai programme.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Information on Tokusatsu actors after Earthquake

UPDATED: Monday 14th March 2011, three days and still it's a time racing with the temperature of Nuclear Power Plant near ground zero. We all pray that this crisis, worst in post WWII as said by official, will soon ended. 10,000 fear die in this disaster.

In observation with some forum, most of Toku and Sentai actor state they are okay in their blogs. As reported by Jefusion from Orendsrange. And a full complete information of all Toku actor/tress in this blog. A random check on this actor's blog shown a great spirit, read Haruka Suenaga (Boukenpink) and Shibata Kayo (Gogo V Pink).  Also Yuriko Shiratori  (Kamen Rider Den-O) is Sendai-born.

Timeranger Fansub by Red Rogue Ranger

So the earthquake and tsunami in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture March 11 2011 now turns to another headache crisis, the Nuclear Power Plant failure crisis. We hope it's all going well soon.

In mean time, I'ved continued search and rescue all Super Sentai fansubbed can be found on net. One of its is Timeranger fansub. Timeranger is popular however the show still in lack of proper translation. TV Nihon actually has effort on this, but what more rare is a completed fansub by a single person known as Red Rogue Ranger.  I've randomly check and these Megaupload links are working. This timeranger subtitling however, some say less accurate.

Case File 1 -The Time Fugitives

Case File 2 -The Unsees Future

Case File 3 -A Dream of Acceleration

Case File 4 -The Hostage is an Alien

Case File 5 -The Third Combination

Case File 6 -The Fabricated Invitee

Case File 7 -Domon Hospitalized

Case File 8 -An Explosion in Art

Case File 9 -The Don's Depression

Case File 10 -Escape to Tomorrow

Case File 11 -The City of Struggle for Life and Death

Case File 12 -Wish Upon a Star

Case File 13 -Battle Casino

Case File 14 -Dead Heat

Case File 15 -Search for the Sniper

Case File 16 -A Dream of Noodles

Case File 17 -The Twisted Holy Fist

Case File 18 -Premonition of Shadow

Case File 19 -The Moonlight Knight

Case File 20 -The Renewed Bond

Case File 21 -Sion's Way

Case File 22 -Amormous Temptation

Case File 23 -Beat Up

Case File 24 -Yellow, and sometimes Blue

Case File 25 -Broken Trust

Case File 26 -Countdown of Trust

Case File 27 -Little Hometown

Case File 28 -Meeting Time

Case File 29 -New Warrior of Fire

Case File 30 -Register Fire's Cry

Case File 31 -The Lost Idea Game

Case File 32 -Save the Criminal

Case File 33 -Little Lady

Case File 34 -Assassin

Case File 35 -Tomorrow Isn't Coming

Case File 36 -Stay in Your True Face  

Case File 37 -Aimed at Power

Case File 38 -Good Night

Case File 39 -A Lie Soaked in Rain

Case File 40 -Ayase Withdraws

Case File 41 -Expose the Prophet

Case File 42 -The Fallen Angel of Destruction

Case File 43 -An Order to Revise History

Case File 44 -Revolt Against Time

Case File 45 -The End of Tomorrow Research

Case File 46 -The Future's Alienation

Case File 47 -The End of the Don

Case File 48 -Return to the Future

Case File 49 -Beyond a Millennium...

Case File 50 -To An Infinite Tomorrow


for list of Sentai fansub see here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

be strong.... people of Sendai

How we wish this is only happened in Gogo V episode, but this afternoon (11st March 2011) a massive 8.9 earthquake hit city of Sendai and a devastating tsunami to follow. We who watch and live outside Japan only can send a pray for people affected in the region, and how, as what we always watch in our beloved Sentai, we hope the people of Sendai (and Japan overall) will always be strong, be courage and keep the faith to face this disaster.


and for a direct Sentai news, it is reported by Jefusion that there will be no Gokaiger (and Kamen rider) show on morning, it is pre-empted due to earthquake. The timeslot will be precious to air earthquake information.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kakuranger New Fansub by Hikari Senshi

Just read that Kakuranger now being have another Episode 1 fansub release. This time it is from Hikari Senshi group. I hope this will continue permanently since Kakuranger is also the sentai that remain rare and hard to get. The group also release Go Go V and, interestingly, Jushi Sentai France Five! See their website : and the List of Super sentai fansubs!

UPDATE: As July 2014, GUIS already complete Kakuranger fan sub. You can check on their website HERE.

And for a real 'hidden' treasure of Super Sentai world, the Jushi Sentai France Five! More in this later.

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