Sunday, March 13, 2011

Information on Tokusatsu actors after Earthquake

UPDATED: Monday 14th March 2011, three days and still it's a time racing with the temperature of Nuclear Power Plant near ground zero. We all pray that this crisis, worst in post WWII as said by official, will soon ended. 10,000 fear die in this disaster.

In observation with some forum, most of Toku and Sentai actor state they are okay in their blogs. As reported by Jefusion from Orendsrange. And a full complete information of all Toku actor/tress in this blog. A random check on this actor's blog shown a great spirit, read Haruka Suenaga (Boukenpink) and Shibata Kayo (Gogo V Pink).  Also Yuriko Shiratori  (Kamen Rider Den-O) is Sendai-born.

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