Friday, April 19, 2013

Super Sentai vs Iron Maiden

One of funny cross over between two unlikely world. Hopes Derek Riggs didn't mind...

The artwork is from Iron Maiden BBC Archieve album and Gokaiger mecha.

Iron Maiden is heavy metal band from UK, consisted of Steve Harris, Bruce Dickinson, Janick Gers, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Nicko McBrain.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kyouryuger List of Mecha Illustrations in Episode 7

Here we got an illustration painted by Daigo. All known ranger and mecha up to that point, with villains portrait as well. Unfortunately no one sub title this yet. But the katakana is easy to read (with a list of syllable of course...) . The diagrom of Kyorgyuger making it almost positive for the show to have up to ten rangers of Kyouryugers. The sixth ranger is Cyan, while the villains at least got hold of one ranger battery and one mecha (Pteranodons).

Kyoryuger Chart from Episode 7

Akibaranger Season 2 2013 - Episode 1 Preview

Finally Akibaranger Season 2 kick off and fan subbed for us to enjoy. The show begin with a flashback story in episode 1. Surprises are always there. The episode somehow didn't gone as funny and interesting as last year's premiere, but rather a deep flashback and build up story. The bonus on this episode is a footages of Dekaranger, Boukenger all together fighting with Jetman. An unusual picked of the series. Here some photos preview:

Just as Nobuo Akagi illusion himself with the team of Boukenger, Dekaranger and Jetman, the real guys are finally come 'real'. Episode 1 of Akibaranger Season 2 also gives a complicated unofficial-offical status to Akibaranger.

the band enjoyed their 'official' pose with the legends, Jetman, Dekaranger and Boukenger

Akiba Blue with Bouken Red pose

Let's give em a lesson,... Jetman to call Akibaranger

Jetman and Akibaranger

Season 2 of Akibaranger will see new Akiba Blue Luna Iwashimizu (Sawada Shione)

she will replaced Mitsuki Aoyogi (Hinami Kyōko), that reside to US to a pentagon job

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kyoryuger New Ranger - Kyouryu Cyan Revealed

After only six episodes of Kyoryuger / Kyouryuuger we already got new ranger to counted for. Ramirez is not only the first western to play real important rules in super sentai show, he gone as far as transforming into light blue color ranger, aka. Kyouryuu Cyan. When transformed, Cyan is trimmed down to fit Ramirez body!

The sixth epsiode see the playful Amy using her charm to defeated Virusan, the monster of the week. Photos impression on sixth episode of Kyoryuger.

Ramirez is actually a ghost from previous Kyoryuger generation. But this didn't stop him falling in love with Amy ( Ayuri Konno)

historical Kyouryuu Cyan, a rare color to be used in Super Sentai

Kyouryuu Cyan design

Kyouryuu Cyan helmet
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