Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Akibaranger Season 2 2013 - Episode 1 Preview

Finally Akibaranger Season 2 kick off and fan subbed for us to enjoy. The show begin with a flashback story in episode 1. Surprises are always there. The episode somehow didn't gone as funny and interesting as last year's premiere, but rather a deep flashback and build up story. The bonus on this episode is a footages of Dekaranger, Boukenger all together fighting with Jetman. An unusual picked of the series. Here some photos preview:

Just as Nobuo Akagi illusion himself with the team of Boukenger, Dekaranger and Jetman, the real guys are finally come 'real'. Episode 1 of Akibaranger Season 2 also gives a complicated unofficial-offical status to Akibaranger.

the band enjoyed their 'official' pose with the legends, Jetman, Dekaranger and Boukenger

Akiba Blue with Bouken Red pose

Let's give em a lesson,... Jetman to call Akibaranger

Jetman and Akibaranger

Season 2 of Akibaranger will see new Akiba Blue Luna Iwashimizu (Sawada Shione)

she will replaced Mitsuki Aoyogi (Hinami Kyōko), that reside to US to a pentagon job

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