Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kyoryuger New Ranger - Kyouryu Cyan Revealed

After only six episodes of Kyoryuger / Kyouryuuger we already got new ranger to counted for. Ramirez is not only the first western to play real important rules in super sentai show, he gone as far as transforming into light blue color ranger, aka. Kyouryuu Cyan. When transformed, Cyan is trimmed down to fit Ramirez body!

The sixth epsiode see the playful Amy using her charm to defeated Virusan, the monster of the week. Photos impression on sixth episode of Kyoryuger.

Ramirez is actually a ghost from previous Kyoryuger generation. But this didn't stop him falling in love with Amy ( Ayuri Konno)

historical Kyouryuu Cyan, a rare color to be used in Super Sentai

Kyouryuu Cyan design

Kyouryuu Cyan helmet

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