Monday, March 4, 2013

Kyoryuger - Second Episode Preview and comments

Now that we got second episode, with English sub titles, of Kyoryuger. Here some of the comments based on information from this episode.

- The show confirm the storyline to not make each member known to each other in non-transformed form. But this episode quickly connect Kyoryu Red with Kyoryu Blue and Kyoryu Pink. Daigo, was already exposed to the team in episode one earlier. Nobuharu Udo is givin' a dark background, rather suprising when we just though he will act as humour character. He was hesitate to 'exposed' his sentai form because of 'family protection'. Amy Yuuzuki, on other hand can't wait to give a shock to his butler , mr Gentle, and proclaimed an heroine as soon as possible. Now that three member already connected, the next episode will focus on green, mr handsome boy, Souji Rippukan.

- Nobuharu Udo is given a role of supporting uncle to his widow sister. Yuko Fukui , sister to Nobuharu Udo, is play by Kinoshita Ayumi! Now, that will changed a bit of Deka Yellow image to me, and she need to become feminim in this role.

- Villain's monster of the week is randomly choose from the Deboss boss mood, either sad, happy or lucky. The monster of week get into giant form when get watering.

- Strange pattern happen in Kyoryu team fight scheme. In this episode it is not full team battle but rather , battle 1: red, black and green showing up, then battle 2: red, blue and pink fighting exclusively. The rest of team are 'late', thus making Kyoryu so far the worse sentai team in tag team fight.

- The base camp, is visited by Kyoryu member after the fight, the battery need to recharge.

- The Kyoryu dino mecha can do a 'snap in' tranformation , in this episode between Kyoryu Red summons Gabutyra and Kyoryu Blue and Kyoryu Pink summon Stegotchi and Dricera to combine their Zyudenryu into Kyoryuzin.

So far the show is exciting new mood, compare to previous 2012 Gobuster. But the pace of story need to carefully written so that the show didn't become messy. The fighting scheme is not traditional with Kyoryuger team divided into two team, even when finishing the monster of week.

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