Wednesday, October 17, 2012

36 Super Sentai + Akibaranger Poster

Updated the poster for all 36 Super Sentai plus unofficial Akibaranger. I also put in Power Ranger title. We are in two months prior to know the next 2013 37th Super Sentai team, rumoured as Kyoryuger. Please enjoy the simply and not so graphically polished chart below, and please let my watermark stayed there.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

2013 Super Sentai probably Dinosaur theme Kyoryuger

The Japanese patent website already spotted the 2013 Super Sentai name and trademark registered. Courtesy of HenshinJustice and Jefusion, here the screen shot. Named as Jyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (獣電戦隊キョウリュウジャー.

The word Jyuden" consists of two kanji characters beast and electricity, while "Kyoryu" means dinosaur. So its tentative. Super Sentai show seems to make it annual recycle of Dinosaur theme, with Zyuranger in 1992 and Abaranger in 2003. Let's wait for more detail news in the upcoming quarter.


More infos about 2013 Super Sentai already gathered on net. Courtesy of :

The name is a play on the word "Genshijuu" (Primitive Beasts).
  • Kyoryu Red will control the Juuden GigaKong, a giant ape-type mecha, with rock-like plating. GigaKong is named after the Gigantopithecus.
  • Kyoryu Blue will control the Juuden Andrewsarchus, a hyena-type mecha, named for Andrewsarchus.
  • Kyoryu Green will control the Juuden Ootsunojika a deer-type mecha, named for Megaloceros.
  • Kyoryu Yellow will control the Juuden Shisochou an archeopteryx-type mecha, named for the Archaeopteryx.
  • KyoryuuPink will control the Juuden Glyptodon an armadillo-type mecha, named for the Glyptodon.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Akibaranger Cosplay Episode

Slowly but sure, the unnofficial sentai Akibaranger is stealing the show from the "official" one, Go-buster. Along their four starting episodes Akibaranger have breaking many rules and canon. Combining both fictional character and real life actor, as in Episode 2 Deka-Red and its casting actor.

For episode four the girls theme done its best by displaying all five permanent actress doing the cosplay. They playing tribute for super sentai female character, villains and good girls. Here the snap shot for the five girls:

  • Mitsuki Aoyagi / Akiba Blue: Kyoko Hinami (日南 響子 Hinami Kyōko)
  • Yumeria Moegi / Akiba Yellow: Karin Ogino (荻野 可鈴 Ogino Karin)
  • Hiroyo Hakase: Maaya Uchida (内田 真礼 Uchida Maaya)
  • Malseena: Honoka (穂花)
  • Sayaka Honiden: Miiko Morita (森田 美位子 Morita Miiko)

  • Karin Ogino/Akiba Yellow in Mele costume (from Gekiranger)

    Kyoko Hinami / Akiba Blue in Kaze no Shizuka (Boukenger)

    Kyoko Hinami / Akiba Blue in Jeanne (Abaranger)

    Kyoko Hinami / Akiba Blue in Rije suit (Abaranger)

    Maaya Uchida  in Rijewel costume (Abaranger)

    Maaya Uchida cosplay Swan from Dekaranger

    Miiko Morita cosplay Gaoranger chief Tetom

    Miiko Morita cosplay Nagisa Sayaka Change Mermaid of Changeman

    Miiko Morita cosplay Shelinda, the sexy villain in Gingaman previously played by AV Idol  Kei Mizutani

    Honoka later re cosplay Shelinda and Kegareshia (Goonger) and Wendinu (Hurricanger)

    translation by TV-Nihon.

    Monday, April 2, 2012

    Akibaranger 2012 - The Unofficial sentai

    So, having been running through Gokaiger with all their antique, Toei seems having too many unused idea left behind. Here come Akibaranger, the Unofficial Sentai Squadron to be their platform in putting all crazyness idea. The first one, this will be the Unofficial, yet official, sentai franchise. Second, it will be toward adult orientated...hmm... the infos are completely summed on wikipedia article, and also images can be viewed on their official site.

    It will be a three pieces sentai with most unique costume and motive. The sentai are:

  • Nobuo Akagi (赤木 信夫 Akagi Nobuo)/Akiba Red (アキバレッド Akiba Reddo)
  • Mizuki Aoyagi (青柳 美月 Aoyagi Mizuki)/Akiba Blue (アキバブルー Akiba Burū)
  • Yumeria Moegi (萌黄 ゆめりあ Moegi Yumeria)/Akiba Yellow (アキバイエロー Akiba Ierō)

  • Of course this is a parody in its best. Let's wait and see this exciting show.

    Wallpaper for Akibaranger photoshop - ed here:

    Friday, March 9, 2012

    Go-Busters Episode 1

    Welcome now to the new series, Go-busters and we back on normal super sentai season without nostalgic elements ala Gokaiger.
    Go-busters in first impression, the motive is a blend between Dekaranger and Shinkenger. Dekaranger for its police-like duty and supporting weapon base, and Shinkenger for its “born to be hero” , predestined heroes fate.
    The ranger/heroes/busters are:
    Hiromu Sakurada, red Buster, his strength is speed. Hiromu description on this first episode are elements of Banban late to come red ranger and Satoru’s responsible leader.
    Ryuji Iwasaki, blue Buster, has a superstrenght. He is the typical Blue, a thinker, strategist, calm member of the team.
    Yoko Usami, Yellow Buster, a mechanic in team, she got tired easily and need .. sweat (glucose) to regained energy. Close description of Yoko are in Sakura feminism but Luka-like tomboyish.
    The Action are awesome. Base team ally design is present once again, they are completely out in Gokaiger. The organizational base team ally (Energy Administration Bureau ) looks very important support now, making the rangers on the field only looks like the “executors”.
    This is the first episode and first time the ranger not get their role call, whoaaha, hope they not abolished the feature. The ranger weapon is now a canon (or Canon) with dslr like lens.
    Villain commander name Enter is a normal human appearances , less fight against foot soldiers. The first time a ground monster and mecha monster fighting and finished simultaneously.
    Light criticism on this first episode only that… the storyline is not the most original ever, especially compare to the high expectation after Gokaiger epic. Ranger suit design is once again didn’t give much the Super Sentai vibe and not the most recommended by me. Henshin moment now got the term “Morphing”, a reference to Power Ranger. It’s awesome but some die hard sentai fans may less thinking that way. The main villains term Messiah also a sic one by using preference to religion term over a children show.
    But now please welcome, Go-Busters!

    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    TV-Nihon down and DDL for Gokaiger Episode 51

    Please notice that fan sub group TV-Nihon had a down website this early week. The DDL link for Gokaiger are distributed via their Facebook account. But I think it will be okay to post their DDL links for Gokaiger Episode 51, while waiting for the recovery of their website.

    Gokaiger Episode 51 as distributed in Facebook Bayfiles - SD
    Gokaiger Episode 51 uploaded by Zin Bluekurak Koh from Wuload - HD

    Dairanger Episode 51 uploaded by Zin Bluekurak Koh from Wuload - SD

    the link will be deleted when the official TV Nihon link pages ready.

    TV Nihon website already up and running, please direct to their website for DDL.

    Saturday, February 25, 2012

    Good bye Gokaiger and Go-Buster premiere

    It's a bit sad to say farewell to one of the most awesome tokusatsu show over the history. Gokaiger ended in two all battle episodes. For me, the storyline is less engaging in the finale two, but to reach a climax mega battle between Earth vs Zangyack with less drama but action.

    Gobuster premiere this morning on February 26th, 2012. For outside Japan all detail and excitement only available from TV Asahi official episode trailer or go to this blog : Episode 1 Preview and Episode 2 Preview

    For now, a wallpaper to welcome Go Buster!

    Sunday, February 5, 2012

    Nao Nagasawa of Hurricanger Blue - English Interview

    Nao Nagasawa who casted as Hurricanger/Hurricaneger Blue , Nanami, had been conducted an English interview ever by Nao is active in Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, as well playing in J-Drama and singing. She was playing an English speaking thriller movie "Hotel Chelsea" in 2009.

    Nao made appeareances in Gokaiger as well in Episode 26. In 2013, she put in an idea to make new Hurricanger movie, "10 Years After", to be released around August 2013.

    Nao Nagasawa large photo collections

    Nao Nagasawa

    Nao Nagasawa 長澤 奈央

    The Interview being hosted on , URL Link here >

    Monday, January 23, 2012

    A Dark Year for 2012 Go-Buster, Filesonic, Fileserve, Megaupload etc are down

    The Super Sentai series movie file we are all watching are usually store at the file hosting service. And as we are now concern, these file hosting service are encountering a great wave of pressure since early month of January 2012. First, file hosting service Megaupload were down and the owner , mr. Dotcom being arrested by authority. Following the event is Fileserve, Filesonic, Filepost, all closing their free file download service. Right now, only , are the remaining western's based file hosting that still in function. Filehosting service from other countries (notable the Russian) such as Depositfiles perhaps void from this event, hope so.

    Super Sentai file from fan sub are greatly in use of Filesonic and Fileserve. We will wait to see the situation as it developed. Anything worse, we will facing difficult time if all the DDL are disfunction and only using torrent as main downloading option.

    Updated from Filehosting website after the SOPA / PIPA events:

    Megaupload - Closed by FBI Jan 19, 2012, owner arrested at New Zealand
    Fileserve - Only serve limited download, for owner of the files,
    back to normal as Feb 2012.
    File Jungle - (Owned by Fileserve) limited download for owner of the files only
    Filesonic - disabled sharing function, 

    Upload Station - (Owned by Fileserve) disabled sharing function
    Filepost - deleting files, some still working at Asiafunction normally on Jan 28th, 2012

    Filejungle - deleting files

    up and running service as per Tuesday Jan 24, 2012
    Mediafire - but rumour say the owner will need to testify in front of FBI
    Wupload - banned US IP addresses
    Uploading - banned US IP addresses
    Uploaded - cancelled affiliate program

    Saturday, January 21, 2012

    Rika Satoh of Gosei Pink Photos

    I'll continue with the female Super Sentai heroine gallery.  Although generally less demanded as in Shinkenger or Gokaiger, Goseiger was a series blessed with its cute female ranger cast. Rika Satoh was casted for Eri / Gosei Pink and Moune /Gosei Yellow was played by Mikiho Niwa. Rika Satoh is one of the super cute and beauty of the female super sentai ranger history. Here presented are her photo gallery, collected from several source on net.

  • Name: Rika Satoh
  • Japanese: さとう里香 (さとう りか)
  • Born: April 18, 1987
  • Birthplace: Joyo City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 160cm.

  • Beautiful profesional gravuer photoshot.

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

    Gokaiger Episode 45 - Ninjaman !

    When Ninjaman excluded from the Legendary War, I was a bit worry and then write a mini article here . But then in Gokaiger episode 45 , it is explained the reason why Ninjaman was not there. For after the event in Kakuranger, Ninjaman was found overly reacted in "defending the justice" and put into a jar by elderly. It is suggested that this is a purposely acts by the elderly, mainly to "reserve" Ninjaman and excluded him from the Legendary War, so that he can help the next 35th sentai, that is Gokaiger.

    Ninjaman put into the jar and keep safe at a shrine. In Timeranger episode, Timeranger member had activate time-travelling event to protect this shrine from being destroyed. So, it was a great canonical link between all series and clear up some trivial events in Super Sentai canon here.

    Ninjaman is needed by Gokaiger team as the last super sentai power before they can achieved the Greatest Tresure. But Ninjaman still reluctant to surrender his power, in the far sight, Tsuruhime (White Kakuranger) was monitoring the events and seems approved to what Gokaiger and Ninjaman rendesvouz.

    Two pictures from Gokaiger Episode 45, a tribute to Ninjaman.

    Ninjaman, entertainment by Luka Millfy (Mao Ichimichi)

    Ninjaman in late 2011

    Sunday, January 8, 2012

    Go-Buster First Promo and Cast

    First promo for Go-Buster is up now at TV-Nihon website. And the cast for all three Go-Buster is well on view, the casts are:
    • Hiromu Sakurada: Katsuhiro Suzuki (鈴木 勝大 Suzuki Katsuhiro)
    • Ryuji Iwasaki: Ryouma Baba (馬場 良馬 Baba Ryōma)
    • Yoko Usami: Arisa Komiya (小宮 有紗 Komiya Arisa)
    • Miho Nakamura (仲村 ミホ Nakamura Miho): Fuuka Nishihira (西平 風香 Nishihira Fūka)
    • Enter (エンター Entā?): Syo Jinnai (陳内 将 Jinnai Shō)
    Photos and Costume Design:

    All lovely casts, the girl looks very energetic and younger than ever. To be premiere on 28th January 2012.
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