Monday, April 2, 2012

Akibaranger 2012 - The Unofficial sentai

So, having been running through Gokaiger with all their antique, Toei seems having too many unused idea left behind. Here come Akibaranger, the Unofficial Sentai Squadron to be their platform in putting all crazyness idea. The first one, this will be the Unofficial, yet official, sentai franchise. Second, it will be toward adult orientated...hmm... the infos are completely summed on wikipedia article, and also images can be viewed on their official site.

It will be a three pieces sentai with most unique costume and motive. The sentai are:

  • Nobuo Akagi (赤木 信夫 Akagi Nobuo)/Akiba Red (アキバレッド Akiba Reddo)
  • Mizuki Aoyagi (青柳 美月 Aoyagi Mizuki)/Akiba Blue (アキバブルー Akiba Burū)
  • Yumeria Moegi (萌黄 ゆめりあ Moegi Yumeria)/Akiba Yellow (アキバイエロー Akiba Ierō)

  • Of course this is a parody in its best. Let's wait and see this exciting show.

    Wallpaper for Akibaranger photoshop - ed here:

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