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Power Ranger Card Battle Complete Cardlist

In Japan, Super Sentai can also enjoy via its card game. The game called Super Sentai Dice-O  design based on the world of Super Sentai, recreated into arcade battle card game, but also can be a collectible cards ala Magic the Gathering. A perfect game for Super Sentai's diverse universe. The creator, Carddass already released almost all Super Sentai Team in their Dice-O series. Unfortunately in outer Japan region, the only game released under this franchise is called Power Ranger Card Battle. Which is English-ready. Unlike Super Sentai Dice-O which always up to date (the latest series is Gaburincho 6 featuring Kyoryugers), Power Ranger Card Battle only updated to Shinkenger in Series 1. The latest news is Series 2 which only covered up to Goseiger in 2013/14 !

UPDATED - see our unofficial cardlist for Series 2, which haven't uploaded by official website.
and SERIES 3 is out now.

Power Ranger Card Battle is an Arcade Card game, very popular in "Bandai Asia" region covering South East Asia : Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. The vending machine will give you one card for each game. There is a total of 66 cards as per Series 1. Here it is the compiled complete cardlist of Power Ranger Card Battle Series 1:

Complete Cardlist Power Ranger Card Battle
in Hi Res 1700 x 2211 resolution

The Power Ranger Teams included in Series 1:
Power Ranger Samurai / Shinkenger
Power Ranger RPM / Go-onger
Power Ranger Jungle Fury / Gekiranger
Power Ranger Operation Overdrive / Boukenger
Power Ranger Mystic Force / Magiranger

The cards have four rarities: Normal, Bronze, Silver and Gold card.
You can see all the card's details on official website :  tag: daftar lengkap kartu power ranger card battle, permainan power ranger card battle, lokasi power ranger card battle, koleksi card pr card battle, gold card, silver card, bronze card, strong team power ranger card battle, kartu dice o, series 2 cardlist, 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Super Sentai in Super Hero Taisen Z 2013

In fitting out the canon of Super Sentai world, here are the teams that make it into Super Hero Taisen Z timeline. Super Hero Taisen (Great War) Z is a crossover movie between Kamen Rider X Space Sheriff X Super Sentai in 2013. Most of notable Kamen Riders were present, as well the Metal Heroes. They are fighting resurgences of Space Magic Madou who trying to conquered the universe.

Super Sentai team that make appearances to the battle:


supposed to be a big problem in Space enforcements that bring Dekaranger in

Denziman, Jetman and Hurricanger, Red representatives

Flashman, they are from other planet as well

Gai Silver and Geki Gavan


Gingaman, rarely we seen them in this time

Core Go-busters team

Gokaiger, whom transformed with Metal Heroes key here

of course, "No battle on Earth can be done without us.." Gorenger Red and Kamen Rider


Metal Heroes representatives:
Janperson, Jiraiya, Jiban, Exceedraft, Juukou B-Fighters

Shinken Yellow Kohoka is helping unlocking the Metal Suit activators 


and of course the current Sentai in charge, Kyouryugers

and Metal Hero trilogy, Space Sheriff Sharivan, Gavan and Shaider

and a super rare cameo of  Inazuman

Monday, December 9, 2013

Super Sentai 2014 Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Early Photos

As we know, the 2014 Super Sentai is pretty much fixed now as Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger. The motive will be train. Here some of earliest photos taken mostly from similar Super Sentai and Tokusatsu blog and websites.

In this scan, the suit and mecha design is revealed. Again, the first impression is favor by the fans. Reactions are mostly saying its an ugly design and too minimalis. 2014 Super Sentai vizor design is now a train rail track. The color scheme is back to the classics: Red Ranger, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink. Here the photos, and to be updated later on.

Updated 23 December 2013:
We are getting closer to the 2014 Super Sentai, the personalities of the five member is now online:

Tokkyu Red - a sanguines, positive and happy person, I speculated to be someone like Kyoryu-Red / King
Tokkyu 2 - the smart guy, strategist and most knowledge guy. Speculated to be like Deka-Green
Tokkyu 3 - trust able woman who can help other member team, speculated just like Hurricange Blue
Tokkyu 4 - calm soldier even in a storm, maybe someone like Raita Oishi of Jetman Yellow Owl
Tokkyu 5 - cute girl who can turn into variety of character when fighting, someone like Deka Pink?

UPDATED 26 December 2013:
and the most official photos of Tokkyuger :

Super Sentai 2014 - Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger

UPDATED 1 Jan 2014 - Cast finally revealed HERE

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Super Sentai 2014 Tokkyuger Rumors

As we reach the end of year 2013, finally we got to hear the news of Super Sentai 2014. According to Jefusion and HenshinJustice, the new 2014 Super Sentai will entitled Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger  (烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー)

The theme will likely automotive. Based on the name, speculations has been rumoured as "car", "vehement", "train" and "limited express train" theme. 

Combined with previous rumors of Senkan Sentai Gounova / Battleship Taskforce Gounova from Orends blogsite, then the theme will be also sea-transport vehicle. Although this rumors has now supersede (?) by Tokkyuger. Meanwhile the accompanied rumors of 2014 super sentai cast includes Ryo Sakaguchi as Red, Mayu Tomita as Pink, Taito Hashimoto (Kamen Rider OOO's Kazari) as Black, Tomoyuki Ishida as Blue, and Sano Kazuma as Green.

Train is one of popular children theme that haven't been specifically used by Toei in the super sentai series. The closest to it is Magishine theme, a magical theme train. 

Hope to see more information soon on this 38th Super Sentai.

UPDATED : Early Tokkyuger photos is HERE. and Cast details is HERE

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Super Sentai Ranger Count Up to Kyoryuger

As Kyoryuger making up debut for Violet, Cyan, Navy, and Grey color sentai, it's a good time to update the super sentai rangers counting chart. In 2011, I had done a chart showing all known rangers, this chart was done before the knowledge of later 199 Hero movies. So, it was a bit of messy as we all not know the official counting yet. So, right now please see the newer version, 2013 Super Sentai Chart.

Super Sentai Chart - How Many Rangers are there?
How this counting different from 199 Hero, 220 - 5 - 16 = 199 Rangers

Not included in Great Battle = 5 rangers 
Ninjaman (Kakuranger)
Gunmajin (Ohranger)
VRV Master (Carranger)
Dekabright and DekaGold (Dekaranger)

Appearances after the Great Battle = 16 rangers
Gokai Silver
Gobusters (5)
Kyoryuger (10)

Maskman - XI Mask is green,fight on one episode only, not included in 199 War - so I also unlisted him.
Zyuranger - the sixth is green, the first additional member.
Kakuranger - Ninjaman is blue color, not included in 199 war, but counted as official 'Bangai' hero
Ohranger - Kingranger / Riki is black. Gunmajin was not included in 199 war but a Bangai hero.
Carranger - Signalman is blue, VRV is 'debatable' Bangai hero not taking part in 199 War but has enough air time in the show, hardly can ignore him.
Gogo V - Kyoko and Beast Demon Hunter are unofficial 'debatable' Bangai hero, so unlisted.
Timeranger -Timefire is red
Hurricaneger - the Goraijer are Navy Blue and Red
Abaranger - though Emiri once put in a "pink" costume, but it is a joke/fake one.
Dekaranger - The 'Earth Branch' are 5 Dekarangers plus Dekamaster and Dekabreak fighting regularly. Deka Swan is not much in play on the show, others are Dekabright and Dekagold, who appear on movie. Interestingly, in 199 War, Dekamaster and Dekaswan was included, together with Dekabreak.
Magiranger - Magishine is Gold-Navy color and is additional team, Wolzard and Magi Mother are extras.
Boukenger Bouken Silver then Zuban is Bangai / Extra  hero.
Gekiranger - Gekichoper is White and Gekiviolet, Melee and Ryo was also officially 'good' guy by now.
Go-onger - Additional member is two ranger called 'Go-on Wing', are Silver and Gold
Shinkenger - Kaoru is the basically same as Shinken Red and counted as one (it's the same design afterall), bit of confusing here.
Goseiger - there existed Gosei Green, but will not included.
Gokaiger - pretty much all five + Gokai Silver
Gobusters - also fixed, 3 Gobusters plus Gold and Silver
Kyoryuger - Now my version is: 5 Kyoryugers, additional are Gold and Violet (both active). Extras are the spirits = Cyan and Grey,  then unknown 'category' are Silver and Deathryuger (Navy). Kyoryuger, as the time of writing will at least has 10 color rangers.

Of course the list also excluded our respectable UnOfficial Sentai - Akiba Red, Akiba Blue and Akiba Yellow, from Akiba ranger.

If you like to study the older version of chart, counted before the release of 199 Hero movie, here the link:
How Many Super Sentai

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Super Sentai Meme Collection Part 1

Collections of picture meme with Super Sentai theme. Are these the real epic fail....? lol

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tags: super sentai vs hentai, fatal typos

tags: Turboranger meme, when problem grows bigger 
Super Sentai Meme, Power Ranger meme, epic fail power ranger, 

tags: super sentai cliche, super sentai versus meme, gokaiger meme

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Hurricanger 10 Years After (2013)

Whether TOEI can't wait for a five years anniversary moment or just a one shoot special, Hurricanger is going to be the first Super Sentai series to being resurrected in full capacity after their season over. Hurricanger is ten years old now, the show begin in 2002 and the last battle with Jakanja finished in year 2003.

As released by Nao Nagasawa and her other hariken friends last month, the movie about their 10th anniversary will be : Hurricanger: 10 Years After. The rumor is, this project initiated by Nao herself. She then gathered the rest of the team and put the movie to TOEI, which was accepted. The cast will be full team of Hurricanger, Gouraigers, and presumed Shurikenger will be no problem to summoned as well.

Official TOEI website blabber is : "The last battle 10 years ago... may have been a mistake really....".  The Ninja Heroes encounter a new evil threat and to their surprise, the enemies are well known to them.

DVD or media released announced to be at August 9th 2013. Let's hope this will be a good starter for a new tradition of Super Sentai. Maybe an intermediate break between five years anniversary.

Hurricanger 10 Years After

cast and crews:

Executive Producer: Hikasa Atsushi Tsukada Hideaki (Toei)
Producer: Kazuo Kato, Tsuyoshi Nakano (Toei Video)
Associate Producer: Nagasawa Nao Yamamoto Kohei
Director: Katsuya Watanabe
Screenplay: Junichi Miyashita

Shioya Shun - as Yousuke Shina / Hurricane Red
Nagasawa Nao - Nanami Nono / Hurricane Blue
Yamamoto Kohei - Kouta Bitou / Hurricane Yellow
Shirakawa Yujiro - Ikkou Kasumi / Kabuto Raiger
Kyo Nobuo - Isshu Kasumi / Kuwaga Raiger

Yamamoto Azusa - Furabijo
Takada Seiko - Oboro Hinata
Nishida Ken - Mugensai Hinata
Mio Fukumizu - Wendinu

new Hurricanger movie for real! Hurricanger 10 Years After

UPDATED, here the screenshot for the show:

Yamamoto Kohei - Kouta Bitou / Hurricane Yellow
is now a father and still closely contact with Nanami

Isshu is being a ladies' favorite now? lol...
Ikkou is member of band JUNretsu

Furabijou is one of their fans

Hurricaneger 10 Years After, opening scene

Nanami is still a celebrity, struggling one..

Ikkou in his singing career

ten years after henshin

Nostalgic moment, all three hurricaneger 10 years after

the Galactic Ninja Alliance headquarter

Yousuke, 10 years after

the only teenage version of Shurikenger ?

Wendinuu, most memorable in super sentai for her ... cleavage ? 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Arisa Komiya of Yellow Buster (2012)

Arisa Komiya, actress who played Yoko Usami of Yellow Buster in Go-busters is one of the kawaii cast of Super Sentai. She is only 19 by now, born on 5th February 1994. Her birthtown is Tochigi City in Tochigi Prefecture, just north of Tokyo. Tochigi is a small tourism municipal that hold many traditions and UNESCO awarded sites. Arisa Komiya at height of 1.64 m (5 ft 4 1⁄2 in), she is the female sentai heroine that rarely found in gravure photo shoot. Unlike her 'senior' sentai actress, Arisa is yet exposed in this photo modelling genre. Here are the photos best compiled from the net:

小宮 有紗 Komiya Arisa

 小宮 有紗 Komiya Arisa once debut in film High School Debut 2011 

and casted a minor rule in 2012 film Gomennasai (I'm Sorry), an horror movie

casted as Yoko Usami in 2012 Super Sentai Go-busters

Cute and kawaii, Arisa Komiya

Arisa Komiya in concept photo talent shoot

Japan tourism, gravure photo, ticket to Tokyo

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