Sunday, January 5, 2014

Power Ranger Card Battle Series 2 (Unofficial) Cardlist

For those who into card game, Power Ranger Card Battle is the only "Super Sentai" arcade card game available in English language, especially very popular in South East Asia region. I've posted all cardlist from series 1, and the complete card list can be found in their official website as well. But for Series 2, although already being released since Q4 2013, the official cardlist is yet to uploaded to their website. For this I will uploaded sample of their card, just to give fans of card battle a look for the cards. Here the Power Ranger Card Battle Series 2, partial cardlist :

UPDATED: See the Series 3 cards here

Power Ranger Card Battle Series 2 - unofficial card list (under construction until the official cardlist released by Bandai). This list to be updated by the time I collected more..or if you like to contributed sent me your scanned card link.

Team appeared on Series 2 (temporary):
Mighty Morphin Power Ranger  - Zyuranger
Power Ranger Ninja Storm - Hurricaneger
Power Ranger Mystic Force - Magiranger
Power Ranger Operation Overdrive - Boukenger
Power Ranger Jungle Fury - Gekiranger
Power Ranger RPM - Go-onger
Power Ranger Samurai - Shinkenger
Power Ranger Mega Force - Goseiger

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