Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger First Trailer

As we entering new year the latest super sentai 2014 Ressha Sentai Tokkyuuger is finally has its trailer released. A 30 seconds and 15 seconds trailer were released by TOEI Japan via Youtube channel. Click on that links. TV-Nihon got their fast crew translation the promo, check it here.

The whole suit design looks better in motion. It feel very agile and motions are flow in fluidly. The roll calls is looks fresh with that circular pose, resembling a sub-way train ?? Blue is again looks like the comedy guy, Red is not looks so bad-ass and smiles like a hero. Both female rangers are really cute, as always.

Check the screen captures here.

welcome... Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger 2014, the logo on the fast tracks

the red ranger design

Tokkyuger group roll call, the 38th Super Sentai

main lead character, Raito (Red) played by Jun Shishon

We got news that the official spelling possibly will be RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER !

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