Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ayuri Konno of Kyoryu Pink Photos

This is the post for Ayuri Konno of Kyoryu Pink. Her appearances as Amy Yuuzuki is mature, independent and intelligent female member of super sentai. She indeed developed many loved by the fans. Ayuri's photo is rather hard to grab on the web because she did not do a lot of photo shot. Her latest action as photo model only seen in the DVD "Ayu to Thai" , released November 2013. In Indonesian language, Ayu mean "cantik" or beautiful, it fit Ayuri in all senses.

Ayuri Konno ไปŠ้‡Ž ้ฎŽ่Ž‰
born 10 January 1997, Tokyo
Height: 163cm, 24cm of shoes

Ayuri Konno's DVD Ayu to Thai - buy it here at Amazon

Ayuri Konno in Thailand

more photos on her official blog -

Ayuri Konno / Amy Yuuzuki in Kyoryuger 2013

She also featured at Weekly Pl ayboy - April 2014


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