Monday, June 10, 2013

Hurricanger 10 Years After (2013)

Whether TOEI can't wait for a five years anniversary moment or just a one shoot special, Hurricanger is going to be the first Super Sentai series to being resurrected in full capacity after their season over. Hurricanger is ten years old now, the show begin in 2002 and the last battle with Jakanja finished in year 2003.

As released by Nao Nagasawa and her other hariken friends last month, the movie about their 10th anniversary will be : Hurricanger: 10 Years After. The rumor is, this project initiated by Nao herself. She then gathered the rest of the team and put the movie to TOEI, which was accepted. The cast will be full team of Hurricanger, Gouraigers, and presumed Shurikenger will be no problem to summoned as well.

Official TOEI website blabber is : "The last battle 10 years ago... may have been a mistake really....".  The Ninja Heroes encounter a new evil threat and to their surprise, the enemies are well known to them.

DVD or media released announced to be at August 9th 2013. Let's hope this will be a good starter for a new tradition of Super Sentai. Maybe an intermediate break between five years anniversary.

Hurricanger 10 Years After

cast and crews:

Executive Producer: Hikasa Atsushi Tsukada Hideaki (Toei)
Producer: Kazuo Kato, Tsuyoshi Nakano (Toei Video)
Associate Producer: Nagasawa Nao Yamamoto Kohei
Director: Katsuya Watanabe
Screenplay: Junichi Miyashita

Shioya Shun - as Yousuke Shina / Hurricane Red
Nagasawa Nao - Nanami Nono / Hurricane Blue
Yamamoto Kohei - Kouta Bitou / Hurricane Yellow
Shirakawa Yujiro - Ikkou Kasumi / Kabuto Raiger
Kyo Nobuo - Isshu Kasumi / Kuwaga Raiger

Yamamoto Azusa - Furabijo
Takada Seiko - Oboro Hinata
Nishida Ken - Mugensai Hinata
Mio Fukumizu - Wendinu

new Hurricanger movie for real! Hurricanger 10 Years After

UPDATED, here the screenshot for the show:

Yamamoto Kohei - Kouta Bitou / Hurricane Yellow
is now a father and still closely contact with Nanami

Isshu is being a ladies' favorite now? lol...
Ikkou is member of band JUNretsu

Furabijou is one of their fans

Hurricaneger 10 Years After, opening scene

Nanami is still a celebrity, struggling one..

Ikkou in his singing career

ten years after henshin

Nostalgic moment, all three hurricaneger 10 years after

the Galactic Ninja Alliance headquarter

Yousuke, 10 years after

the only teenage version of Shurikenger ?

Wendinuu, most memorable in super sentai for her ... cleavage ? 

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