Saturday, May 5, 2012

Akibaranger Cosplay Episode

Slowly but sure, the unnofficial sentai Akibaranger is stealing the show from the "official" one, Go-buster. Along their four starting episodes Akibaranger have breaking many rules and canon. Combining both fictional character and real life actor, as in Episode 2 Deka-Red and its casting actor.

For episode four the girls theme done its best by displaying all five permanent actress doing the cosplay. They playing tribute for super sentai female character, villains and good girls. Here the snap shot for the five girls:

  • Mitsuki Aoyagi / Akiba Blue: Kyoko Hinami (日南 響子 Hinami Kyōko)
  • Yumeria Moegi / Akiba Yellow: Karin Ogino (荻野 可鈴 Ogino Karin)
  • Hiroyo Hakase: Maaya Uchida (内田 真礼 Uchida Maaya)
  • Malseena: Honoka (穂花)
  • Sayaka Honiden: Miiko Morita (森田 美位子 Morita Miiko)

  • Karin Ogino/Akiba Yellow in Mele costume (from Gekiranger)

    Kyoko Hinami / Akiba Blue in Kaze no Shizuka (Boukenger)

    Kyoko Hinami / Akiba Blue in Jeanne (Abaranger)

    Kyoko Hinami / Akiba Blue in Rije suit (Abaranger)

    Maaya Uchida  in Rijewel costume (Abaranger)

    Maaya Uchida cosplay Swan from Dekaranger

    Miiko Morita cosplay Gaoranger chief Tetom

    Miiko Morita cosplay Nagisa Sayaka Change Mermaid of Changeman

    Miiko Morita cosplay Shelinda, the sexy villain in Gingaman previously played by AV Idol  Kei Mizutani

    Honoka later re cosplay Shelinda and Kegareshia (Goonger) and Wendinu (Hurricanger)

    translation by TV-Nihon.


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