Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TV-Nihon down and DDL for Gokaiger Episode 51

Please notice that fan sub group TV-Nihon had a down website this early week. The DDL link for Gokaiger are distributed via their Facebook account. But I think it will be okay to post their DDL links for Gokaiger Episode 51, while waiting for the recovery of their website.

Gokaiger Episode 51 as distributed in Facebook Bayfiles - SD
Gokaiger Episode 51 uploaded by Zin Bluekurak Koh from Wuload - HD

Dairanger Episode 51 uploaded by Zin Bluekurak Koh from Wuload - SD

the link will be deleted when the official TV Nihon link pages ready.

TV Nihon website already up and running, please direct to their website for DDL.

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