Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gokaiger Episode 45 - Ninjaman !

When Ninjaman excluded from the Legendary War, I was a bit worry and then write a mini article here . But then in Gokaiger episode 45 , it is explained the reason why Ninjaman was not there. For after the event in Kakuranger, Ninjaman was found overly reacted in "defending the justice" and put into a jar by elderly. It is suggested that this is a purposely acts by the elderly, mainly to "reserve" Ninjaman and excluded him from the Legendary War, so that he can help the next 35th sentai, that is Gokaiger.

Ninjaman put into the jar and keep safe at a shrine. In Timeranger episode, Timeranger member had activate time-travelling event to protect this shrine from being destroyed. So, it was a great canonical link between all series and clear up some trivial events in Super Sentai canon here.

Ninjaman is needed by Gokaiger team as the last super sentai power before they can achieved the Greatest Tresure. But Ninjaman still reluctant to surrender his power, in the far sight, Tsuruhime (White Kakuranger) was monitoring the events and seems approved to what Gokaiger and Ninjaman rendesvouz.

Two pictures from Gokaiger Episode 45, a tribute to Ninjaman.

Ninjaman, entertainment by Luka Millfy (Mao Ichimichi)

Ninjaman in late 2011

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