Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ai Moritaka of ToQger Pink Kagura - Photo Collections

Ai Moritaka is actress for Kagura Izumi, imaginative female main character from 2014 Super Sentai show ToQger. Along with Riria Baba who played Mio in the same show. As with many female super sentai actress, their current photo collections are hard to get. Below is collection of Ai Moritaka's photo taken from various photo session before she recruited in Super Sentai show. Mostly from her magazine year.

Ai Moritaka  森高愛 
born January 14, 1998, in Saitama Prefecture.
Modelling agency Ten Carat & Pichi Lemon
Blood type O
Height 157 cm

Ai Moritaka of ToQger Pink Kagura Izumi

森高愛  photography

from her 2012 Weekly Play-boy magazine shot

Ai Moritaka portrait photography, great composition

concept shot of young Ai Moritaka in W.P. magazine

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