Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Waiting for Zyuranger Official Sub by Shout Factory

In San Diego 2014 Comic Con happening last July, fans of Super Sentai got a shocking news. We learn that Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger is going to get its official sub. Read it right, this is official. The company that dare enough to do this is none other than SHOUT FACTORY. They have been known to be champion of classic cartoons, animes, Power Ranger and other weird thing. This news hastily reach worldwide fan-sub group that do Zyuranger, notably TVNIHON and GUIS. They reacted even faster, quite premature I believe, by removing their fan-sub version of Zyuranger. As for today, we are in the gap where Zyuranger show is missing on the surface.

Since July 2014 up till now, that is only two months by now, there are almost zero news about this development of Zyuranger official sub. No news from Shout Factory to following their Comic Con announcement. At the moment we only learns that it will be subbed, rather than dubbed. It will also only, at the moment, released in United States on DVD region 1.

The removal of fan-sub Zyuranger on mainstream fan-sub groups and any other related websites is understandable. It is to favor the support of super sentai fans to its official creator and business partners. What it is not favor is, the other region of the world, the unfortunate countries such as South East Asian where still large base of super sentai fans exist, can't never get the DVD legally. We will have no choice, and will now only rely on "others".

In the meantime, let's hope Zyuranger will success in its official release, and wish the United States fans a big CONGRATULATIONS.

For those who still do not familiar with Zyuranger, it was the Japanese original show that become the basis of Power Ranger. Zyuranger is a Super Sentai show, their sixteenth installment in Japan. 

Brian Ward from Shout Factory on Zyuranger official release
video by RangerCrew

UPDATED, the DVD is listed at AMAZON now, grab it fast!!
UPDATED, on October 23rd, 2014 , the DVD cover artwork is revealed!

Anyone seen that SUPER SENTAI: ZYURANGER cover I was carrying around earlier? Can't find it. Looks just like THIS...

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