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Riria Baba of ToQger Mio Photo Collections

ToQger is the 38th Super Sentai series and its marked the return of duo female heroine rule. The female ranger are Mio as ToQ-3 ( トッキュウ3号 Tokkyū San-gō) and Kagura as ToQ-5 (トッキュウ5号 Tokkyū Go-gō). This post is about Riria Baba who cast as Mio in ToQger.

Baba Riria (馬場 梨里杏),  born 18 December 1993 in Tokyo. Riria is very talented in gravure and photo modelling.  In 2011, she won the Playboy Grand Prix prize at the third Gravure Japan awards. Aside from ToQger, she also appears in the film duology/TV miniseries Zero: Black Blood as the Makai Priestess Yuna.

Riria photo port folio also included a feature in Weekly Play boy Magazine No.36 year 2012. Enjoy the selections of her powerful character in this female super sentai gallery.

Riria, blood type A, height 153 cm.

Riria Baba session in Weekly P Magazine 2012

Sweet Riria Baba

conceptual photo from Weekly P Magazine Japan 

profesional photo shot Riria 梨里杏

List of Riria Magazine appearances:

109 MEN'S free magazine "FlyingMAGAZINE" フリーマガジン
"Weekly Famitsu" 週刊ファミ通
"TV Life"
"TV station"
"Weekly ASCII" Cover - 週刊アスキー - 表紙
"W! VOL.2"
"Spaceship vol.144"
"Toei Tokusatsu Hero cast mook"
"Asahi elementary school newspaper" 朝日小学生新聞
"Monthly The Television"
"TOKYO Museum of Art 2014-2015"
"Photo Con"
"Hyper Hobby"
"Toei Hero MAX"
"Limited express jar newspaper"

Toei Hero MAX vol.49 "

"Fami adults" (Enterbrain)
"Photo Techniques Digital" (Genkosha)
"GooBike" (Proto Corporation)
"Jump Break" (Shueisha)
"Weekly Playboy" (Shueisha)
"Weekly Young Jump" (Shueisha)

"Weekly Playboy" (Shueisha) 週刊プレイボーイ(集英社)
"Weekly Young Jump" (Shueisha)
"Margaret" (Shueisha)

"Monthly debut" (Oricon Entertainment)
"JUNON" (Shufu to Seikatsusha)

"CAPA" (Gakken)
"Adult experience" (Ozetto Creative)

"Monthly debut" (Oricon)

Riria photo selection from Weekly Play Boy Magazine 2012

Riria Baba in 2012 before her breakthrough in Toqger

Riria in @ ウィキ - 梨里杏 

Riria in @ ウィキ - 梨里杏 

Along with other talent babe in グラビア JAPAN2011

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