Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Gokaiger Ep.28 Waruzu and Barizorg Requiem

Gokaiger now entering his storyline arc twister moments. In Episode 38, the leader of the Zangyack known as Waruzu Giru was killed by Gokaiger's newest mecha combo, Kanzen Gokai-Oh. Along with this episode is Barizorg storyline arc also come to end. Barizorg, a fearful yet faithful bodyguard to Waruzu killed in the fight with Joe. This ending however put official end to the Joe-Sid story arc, that Barizorg never resurrected as Sid ever again.

With the ending of Waruzu "era", now the Zangyack commander could be fall into Damarasu. We should expect to watch more fierce fight between Zangyack and Gokaiger. Can't wait for the last part of Gokaiger show, which haven't touch any details on Don's background.

The episode 38 also officially screened the newest Gavan incarnation. Gavan will play Gokaiger in early 2012, so much to be wait on this movie.

Appeared on Episode 11, Barizorg stated his loyalty right from beginning.

Which somehow annoyed Insaan in Episode 12.

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