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List of Gokaiger Previous Sentai Transformation and Power

Gokaiger's previous Super Sentai transformation per episode. This is version 1.5
Also listed, is Super Sentai Power that Gokaiger received by episode.

Episode 1: Gorangers, Shinkengers, Magiranger

Episode 2: Dekarangers, Hurricaneger & Gouraiger
Shinken Red, Gao Red, Magi Red, Gosei Red and Geki Red

Episode 3: Abare Black, Ninja Black, Go on Black
Big One, Gao White and White Swan (Jetman)
Super Sentai Power = Magiranger

Episode 4: Gekiranger, Dekarangers

Episode 5: Goonger, Dairanger,Dekaranger
Super Sentai Power = Dekaranger

Episode 6: Vul Panther (Sun Vulcan female version), Bouken Yellow
J.A.K.Q., Go Yellow (Gogo V), Yellow Racer (Carrangers)

Episode 7: Gao Red, gao Yellow, Gao Blue Sun Vulcan
Super Sentai Power = Gekiranger

Episode 8: Gaorangers, Denzimen, Google V

Episode 9: Turboranger, Jetman
Super Sentai Power = Gaoranger

Episode 10: J.A.K.Q

Episode 11:Zyurangers, Dynamen, Gingamen

Episode 12:Shinken Blue
Super Sentai Power = Shinkenger

Episode 13:Gingamen

Episode 14:Zyurangers, Carrangers
Super Sentai Power = Carrangers

Episode 15: Dragon ranger (Zyuranger),King Ranger(Ohranger), Time Fire, Shurikenger (Hurricaneger), Deka Break (Dekaranger) as villains
Kiba Ranger (Dairanger), Mega Silver, Gao Silver, Abare Killer, Magi Shine, Bouken Silver, Goon Gold and Silver/goon wing, Shinken Gold, Gosei Knight also as villains

Episode 16:  Bosco summoned same line up as episode 15.

Episode 17: Time Fire, Mega Silver (f). Magi Shine, Abare Killer (f), Dragon Ranger (Zyuranger)
GokaiSilver debut.

Episode 18: Shinkenger, King Ranger but not fighting since Gai change to Shinken Gold instead.

Episode 19: Goongers, Go on Wings hybrid version,
Green Two (bioman), Green Flash (Flash man)

Episode 20: DekaMaster, Wolzard Fire, Magi Mother, Black Knight as villains
Super Sentai Power = Gingamen

Episode 21: Boukenger, Kakuranger, Shurikenger
Super Sentai Power = Boukenger

Episode 22: Abare Blue, Dragon Ranger (zyurangers), Goseigers, Dairangers, Ohrangers

Episode 23: Fiveman and Magiranger (pink,yellow), Gogo V
Super Sentai Power = Gogo V

Episode 24:Megaranger, Hurricaneger, Timeranger

Episode 25:Liveman, Abaranger, Hurricaneger

Episode 26:Hurricanger
Super Sentai Power = Hurricaneger

Episode 27: Bioman

Episode 28: Bioman, Maskman, Jetman
Super Sentai Power= Jetman

Episode 29: Abaranger
Super Sentai Power=Abaranger

Episode 30: Liveman, Denjiman
Super Sentai Power=Liveman

Episode 31:Goon Wings (combined Gold and silver), Ohranger
Super Sentai Power=Ohranger

Episode 32:J.A.K.Q. , Dynaman, Kakuranger (when fleeing), Gekiranger (without Don), Maskman (Red only), Changeman (without Yellow)

Episode 33: Dairanger

Episode 34: Megaranger

Episode 35: Battle Fever J, Changeman, Dekaranger

Episode 36:Goonger
Super Sentai Power=Goonger

Episode 37: Wolzard Fire, Ginga Black, Signal Man, Zuban, Magi Mother

Episode 38: -

Episode 39:Megaranger
Super Sentai Power=Megaranger

Episode 40:
Gai solo fighting: Ginga King, Shinken Gold, Abare Killer
Team fighting: Timeranger
Goseiger vs Shinkenger footage: Deka Red, Magi Red, Bouken Red, Geki Red, Go on Red
Super Sentai Power= they forgot it!

Episode 41:
Pink double team with GokaiRed = Shinken Red and Female Shinken Red
with Gokai Blue = Deka Master and Deka Swan
with Gokai Yellow = Gosei Yellow and Gosei Pink
with Gokai Green = Gouraigers (Hurricaneger)
with Gokai Silver = Goon Gold and Silver

Episode 42:
Gekiranger (plus Rio and Mele), Fiveman

Episode 43:
Ginga Green, Magi Green, Shurikenger, Flash Green, Dairanger Green, Shinken Green, Denjiman Green, Go Ranger Green.

Episode 44:
GaoYellow, Zyuranger Yellow, Bouken Yellow, Dairanger Yellow, Gosei Yellow, Hurricane Yellow
Battle Fever (full team)
Magi Mother
Super Sentai Power = Battle Fever J

Episode 45:
All 35th super sentai footage, in Gokaiger version.

Episode 46:
Super Sentai Power = Kakuranger

Episode 47:
Dairanger, Hurricaneger, Gingaman - all without Red

all Red Ranger in Gokaiger Episode 48

Episode 48:
All red, Mega Red, Gosei Red, Deka Red, Denji Red, Ginga Red

Episode 49:
Magiranger full team,
Sun Vulcan Red, Mask Blue, Changeman Black, Flash Green, Fiveman Yellow

Episode 50:
Zyuranger Red

Episode 51:
GokaiRed - Akaranger, Boukenred, Redracer, Gingared, Redhawk, Ohred, Shinkenred
GokaiBlue - DiaJack, Tenmaranger, Go-on blue, Bluethree, Goblue, Goseiblue
GokaiYellow - Vulpanther, Yellowmask, Fiveyellow, Abareyellow, Gaoyellow , Yellowlion, Gekiyellow
GokaiGreen - BattleKenya, Dynablack, Blackturbo, Changegriffin, Megablack, Dekagreen
GokaiPink - Denjipink, Ninjawhite, Gogglepink, Pteraranger, PinkFlash, Timepink, Magipink
GokaiSilver - Goseiknight, Shurikenger, Bullblack, Kingranger

Gokaiger vs Gobuster 2013
Goggle V, Timeranger, Hurricaneger (Gouraigers and Shurikenger), Sun Vulcan
all red- Goon Red, Magi Red, Liveman Red, Dyna Red, Denji Red, Geki Red

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