Sunday, July 10, 2011

Glory of Goggle V in Indonesia

For a long time, Goggle V was a term for "Super Sentai" in Indonesia. The serie triumph heavily in the '80s as the only Super Sentai known in Indonesia. Not until the rise of private TV channel that begun to air other series. But in Western Borneo, there was a "leak" TV signal from Malaysia, notable TV-3 that also aired many of tokusatsu series, the signal was able to received in Indonesia, so did the children of the area enjoyed other form of Sentai, other than Google V.

Goggle V was packed into video-cassette form, together with Gavan, Sharivan, some of Kamen Raider and Ultra series, Goggle V was most memorable sentai in Indonesia. Up till that point, knowledge about other sentai only came in the form of print pictures and toys. Notable were Sun Vulcan, Flashman, Bioman and Maskman. Trivially these other sentai usually refered as Goggle V "duplicates".

Goggle V was memorable for their theme, that is a gem shape helmet, the gymnastic movement and weapons.
Goggle Red- Kenichi Akama a Ruby shape symbolized Atlantis and a Rope as a weapon.
Goggle Black-Kanpei Kuroda a Emerald shape symbolized Asia and a Club as a weapon
Goggle Blue- Saburo Aoyama a Sapphire shape symbolized Egypt (Africa) and a Hoop as a weapon
Goggle Yellow- Futoshi Kijima an Opal shape symbolized a Mu (Lemuria) and a Ball as a weapon
Goggle Pink- Miki Momozono a Diamond shape symbolized a Mayan and Inca and a Ribbon as a weapon

Goggle V also have a Goggle Boys/Girls or Computer Boys/Girls that act as assistent to each Goggle respectively. In transformation to Goggle Robo, only the Red, Blue and Yellow go to the main ship and did the battle.

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