Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 2, more Dekaranger in future Episode

Gokaiger episode 2 is even more mouthwatering for its "previous sentai power". This week we got full team of Dekaranger and Hurricanger. Then everybody transform into Red ranger, guess who is in the picture:

I also really like the soundtrack, more classical-like music. Fighting scenes is great, showing the piratee superiority to their enemy, exchanging weapons become fighting motif for Gokaiger. Storyline given more clue about what is Earth's greatest treasure.

Episode 3 will featured Magi-red, thus return of Atsushi Hashimoto, big boy now. Will there any returning of female Ozu family? can't wait for it. And just read that in future episode, more Dekaranger actors will come in, including Ayumi Kinoshita, then Deka-Red and Doggie Krueger (always great to have a doll actor). See in Japanese here,btw, google translate can't help much.

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