Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine 2011 with Hurricaneger Ep.26

Happy Valentine for those who celebrate it. Many Super Sentai episode written with love theme, but for tomorrow, I recommend you to watch Hurricaneger Ep.26 "Bow & Arrow and Sea Bathing (弓矢と海水浴)", a fun "cupid" theme episode.
Isshuu is the recipient of Jakanja Love Arrow Monster

With Nanami as his first love, but ... another rival come in

Isshuu made his move

And with a cow, "..because you like cute animal"

and beautiful Nanami just.... "Huuuuh ???"

There is one more love/ring/proposal episode theme in Episode 13 Moustache and Engagement Ring (ヒゲと婚約指輪). A well written episode, about a missing proposal ring, ending scene:


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