Thursday, May 9, 2013

Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman 1990 - Underrated Sentai

The 1990 edition of Super Sentai, Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman was never as popular as the other sentai, but they are fun to watch. Fiveman surely one of earliest parody sentai to be implemented through out the series. They are awkward theme, such as episode six, the children monster that went off the school because of hate the math lesson, then pink fiveman to teach the monster a math lesson. And many unique theme as well.

Fiveman also the last sentai in traditional children-orientated sentai. The successor, Jetman is a huge sentai development, implemented more mature theme. Then Zyuranger and so on were another era of Super Sentai, where they exported as Power Ranger and their theme were written in more details. Fiveman was still a simple, one story per episode style. The predecessor of Fiveman , Turboranger was also very similar vibes, making Fiveman almost too close to Turboranger and the fans claimed to be not interesting enough. Compare to the past from Bioman - Changeman - Flashman - Maskman - Liveman were all strong numbers. Fiveman is understandable under performed by such classics.

The producer of Fiveman then cleverly put in more lighter humors, lighter theme and strange events, only to be seen again in much extreme situation in Carranger. But, then Fiveman is a nice sentai to watch for me. Chemistry between all five members were strong. This is one of earliest series where non-red character got many interesting character development. I mostly enjoy Fumiya as the series most interesting character. Fiveman latest footage can be found in Gokaiger transformation, in episode 42 and 49. As well in the 199 Heroes movie.

Revisit Fiveman as underrated Super Sentai with all its humors and obscured theme, with GUIS fan sub it at least until episode 10.

Chemistry between Pink and Black is strong in Fiveman 

Red Fiveman is a strong character and not overly strict in leadership

Fiveman control deck

Fiveman in Action 1990, the Hoshikawa sibling: Goku Hoshikawa (Red), Ken (Blue), Fumiya (Black), Kazumi (Pink) and Remi (Yellow)

Fiveman hi resolution picture found with Google image search, I only add in contrast to make it more standout

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