Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Space Squad Gavan vs Dekaranger (2017) Photo Review

If you are fans of the '80s Space Sheriff or Metal Heroes series (Gavan, Sharivan, Shaider etc), here comes a very great news. TOEI Company is doing a huge remake on their metal heroes franchise and that culminated in Space Squad movie.  Gavan had making appearances since 2011 with Gokaiger as their super sentai comrades. The trio space sheriff, Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider then got their respective movie for each. Gavan had also scripted in Kyuuranger series, as Kyuuranger is a Space theme super sentai.

However, the biggest surprise comes to this movie, Space Squad : Gavan vs Dekaranger. This crossover finally confirmed that, after all, the two big universe of super sentai and space sheriff are connected. Dekaranger is a space police and Gavan too. Logically, when a mega villains arise, the two world will need to works together.

Space Squad Gavan vs Dekaranger put together the new , Gavan Type G, to fight along Dekaranger and team to stop a new Genmako Space Criminal Organization. The movie went quite well. This crossover successfully integrated the two team with all their trademark to give super sentai and metal heroes fans a big joy to watch. Here my photo review to the movie :

The Casts:

Doggie Krueger is now the Earth Branch Chief - voice by Tetsu Inada

Deka Green - Enari "Senchan" Senichi - portrait ed by Yousuke Hayashi

and Deka Pink Kodou "Umeko" Koume (Mika Kikuchi). The two lover are getting married , happened in this movie. Senchan and Umeko love story had been lasting in many movies before.

Shiratori Swan is now Earth Branch Chief Mechanic for Dekaranger. Actress by Mako Ishino

Tetsu Aira Tekkan , Deka Gold is working separately as Deputy Chief. Actor : Tomokazu Yoshida

Tomasu Houji (Tsuyoshi Hayashi) and Hiwatari "Jasmine" Marika (Ayumi Kinoshita) are both lovely. Jasmine is a married woman with one baby-chan .

of course the Dekaranger leader, Akaza Banban by Ryuji Sainei

a hot villain is what we need : Space Kunoichi Benikiba by a very hot actress : Mikie Hara 原 幹恵. . Mikie Hara is the actress for Cutie Honey

beautiful Galactic Police Alliance Director : Sophie , is Gavan superior. Yui Ryoko

the man himself Space Sherriff Gavan G , Jumonji Geki by Yuma Ishigaki

his lovely partner : Shelly. In the '80s, Gavan was teamed up with Mimi. Both Shelly and Mimi has special skill to transform into parakeet . Shelly is cast by 森田 涼花 Morita Suzuka

Excellent cinematography, with fantastic lightning works 

Gavan will broke his original laser blade, but then he is getting a new upgrade laser blade that associated with Juspion! The whole metal heroes world is connected right now!

Gavan vs Dekaranger team up!

The interior of Gavan's space ship

the legend : Gavan of the '80s Inspector Ichijōji Retsu - Kenji Ohba (大葉 健二)

the most exciting plot is: in the end, Gavan was appointed as Captain of Space Squad. Gavan is requested to select a space squad consisted of all super sentai and metal heroes member. This is a new story line that going to connected the whole two world. Not sure if Kamen Rider will get involved as well!  To added more spices, the new 2018 super sentai theme is going to be police and thief theme : Keisatsu Sentai Patoranger (警察戦隊パトレンジャ) and Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger (快盗戦隊ルパンレンジャ)

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