Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Wedding and Church in Super Sentai

Here are some collections of wedding scenes in super sentai series. There are lots of Western and Christianity based wedding ceremony in modern Japan culture. The super sentai simply adding this into the show, making it a recurrence theme throughout the series.

Ahim from Gokaiger in her wedding groom 

Church building in Gokaiger

Ahim and Gokai Silver in Wedding ceremony scene

the pretty Yoko Usami in wedding scene in Go-buster

the black bride , from Go-Buster

church building in Go-Buster wedding scene

Wedding scene in Go-Buster

Go-Busters wedding scene

Haruka from Gogo V in wedding, also the Church building

Gogo V church interior

Gogo V also got their wedding scenes

Gogo V wedding scenes and church interior in super sentai

and the latest wedding in super sentai, from ToQger vs Ninninger 2015

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