Sunday, February 11, 2018

2018 Lupinranger vs Patranger Premiere Episode Photo Review

The super sentai for 2018 is titled as Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger vs. Keisatsu Sentai Patranger. It is indeed a double team super sentai concept. Lupinranger is set as a thief-theme super sentai and Patranger are police theme sentai, specifically a tactical unit squad.

The first episode premiere yesterday on 11th February 2018. Guys, I think we gonna have a great super sentai year again as I just finish the premiere with high feeling. The premiere episode play in fast pace and indeed show how promising this double concept can be present. The first scenes are the Lupinranger in action, taken their act in a casino, that turn out to be operated by the villain, a Gangler.

The Patranger however, concepted as the good boys but will somehow too late in action to stop Lupinranger. The act played in very gangstar feel with thick jazzy background music.

Here are my photo review, the episodes will soon fansubed.

Lupinranger entrance - such a classy act to start 2018 super sentai year

our lovely Lupin Yellow is Hayami Umika - a dilligent and fast hand girl , works in restaurant, together with the other Lupinranger member. Umika Hayami is portrayed by Haruka Kudo (工藤 遥 Kudō Haruka)

Lupinranger leader - Yoimachi Touma. Is the chief of the restaurant. Umika describe him as a jerk however..... Toma Yoimachi is portrayed by Shogo Hama (濱 正悟 Hama Shōgo).

He should be the bad boy from Lupinranger. Act as messenger for the team. Yano Kairi, is Blue Lupinranger . Kairi Yano is portrayed by Asahi Itou (伊藤 あさひ Itō Asahi).

Lupinranger team resembling the Boukenger series, they hunted treasures. The team connected with legendary thief Arsene Lupin.

This lovely house is the 2018 Lupinranger headquarter, opened as restaurant.

Patranger surprise mentor, a black chief officer name Hilltop. Is he the new Chris Tucker of super sentai?

the design suit for 2018 Keisetsu Sentai Patranger - looks classy and have strong '80s feel. This did not resembling Dekaranger.

Headquarter for Patranger, the trio works as tactical units

Green Patranger - Hikawa Sakuya, this should be the calm - mature guy. Sakuya Hikawa is portrayed by Ryo Yokoyama (横山 涼 Yokoyama Ryō).

Red Patranger is Asaka Keiichiro, another red head leader. Keiichiro Asaka is portrayed by Kousei Yuki (結木 滉星 Yūki Kōsei).

Pink Patranger is Myoujin Tsukasa. The jacket looks similar to Dekaranger. She should be the feminine girl instead of tomboy, who design to Yellow Lupinranger.

Patranger resembling elements from Dekaranger, Go-Buster , GoGo V and Timeranger.

The villains concept is another innovation. This scenes looks very '80 feel. 

Villain is The Interdimensional Crime Group Gangler (異世界犯罪者集団ギャングラー Isekai Hanzaisha Shūdan Gyangurā) . An interdimensional criminal organization who steals the Lupin Collection as part of their plan to take over Earth. Each member of Gangler has a unique safe on their bodies used to harness the power of the Lupin Collection, and can also disguise as a human.

Dogranio Yabun (ドグラニオ・ヤーブン Doguranio Yābun) is their leader of Gangler. He is 999 years old.

Let's see if Lupinranger vs Patranger can breakthrough the ice. Super sentai fans widely regard the show being stuck with at least three mediocre show : Nininger, Zyuohger and Kyuuranger. I can't wait to watch the 2nd Episodes : "International Police, Chase After Them" - "Kokusai Keisatsu, Tsuiseki seyo" (国際警察、追跡せよ) .

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