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Dice O Released First Tokkyuger Card - 2014 Promotion Cardlist

Dice - O already released new set of card, name as プロモーション Promotion Card(s) for its Arcade Card game machine. Although only available in Japanese language. The complete cardlist had been compiled below, but usually the official website will come out with a PDF file for cardlist.

Complete January 2014 Dice-O Cardlist- click to see hi resolution graphics
you can find all details and chart HERE

At the same time, Tokkyuger also being previewed in these cards. As usual in DICE-O card, the suit design looks much better with a touch of graphic design.

New Tokkyuger Card, 2014 Super Sentai and 38th in the series
the news here (all in Japanese...)

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger First Trailer

As we entering new year the latest super sentai 2014 Ressha Sentai Tokkyuuger is finally has its trailer released. A 30 seconds and 15 seconds trailer were released by TOEI Japan via Youtube channel. Click on that links. TV-Nihon got their fast crew translation the promo, check it here.

The whole suit design looks better in motion. It feel very agile and motions are flow in fluidly. The roll calls is looks fresh with that circular pose, resembling a sub-way train ?? Blue is again looks like the comedy guy, Red is not looks so bad-ass and smiles like a hero. Both female rangers are really cute, as always.

Check the screen captures here.

welcome... Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger 2014, the logo on the fast tracks

the red ranger design

Tokkyuger group roll call, the 38th Super Sentai

main lead character, Raito (Red) played by Jun Shishon

We got news that the official spelling possibly will be RESSHA SENTAI TOQGER !

check the other Tokkyuger blog post here.
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Power Ranger Card Battle Series 2 (Unofficial) Cardlist

For those who into card game, Power Ranger Card Battle is the only "Super Sentai" arcade card game available in English language, especially very popular in South East Asia region. I've posted all cardlist from series 1, and the complete card list can be found in their official website as well. But for Series 2, although already being released since Q4 2013, the official cardlist is yet to uploaded to their website. For this I will uploaded sample of their card, just to give fans of card battle a look for the cards. Here the Power Ranger Card Battle Series 2, partial cardlist :

UPDATED: See the Series 3 cards here

Power Ranger Card Battle Series 2 - unofficial card list (under construction until the official cardlist released by Bandai). This list to be updated by the time I collected more..or if you like to contributed sent me your scanned card link.

Team appeared on Series 2 (temporary):
Mighty Morphin Power Ranger  - Zyuranger
Power Ranger Ninja Storm - Hurricaneger
Power Ranger Mystic Force - Magiranger
Power Ranger Operation Overdrive - Boukenger
Power Ranger Jungle Fury - Gekiranger
Power Ranger RPM - Go-onger
Power Ranger Samurai - Shinkenger
Power Ranger Mega Force - Goseiger

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Sentai Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Cast Details

Finally the cast of 2014 Super Sentai, Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, is revealed. The Tokkyuger / ToQger cast and details is as follow:

Raito (Light) / Tokkyu Ichigou (Red)  by  Jun Shishon
志尊 淳 Shison Jun, born March 05, 1995 previously from D-BOYS. This is his acting debut on a Drama. Some blog spelled the name as Jun Shishio.

Tokatshichi / Tokkyu Nigou (Blue)  Jin Hiramaki
平牧 仁  born February 26 1987, previously play Oishi Shuichiro in the sixth-generation Seigaku drama series. He also known as 'Charlie' to his fans.

Mio / Tokkyu Sangou (Yellow)  by Riria
 梨里杏(馬場 梨里杏) born December 18 1993 Tokyo, she came with strong TV drama background. Played in one movie in 2011. She had previously appeared in Kamen Rider Kabuto as Hiroko and Tensou Sentai Goseiger's Episode 20 as Takasaki Mizuki. She is also a photo model with large port folio previously, her stage name previously is Baba Nashisatoanzu!

Hikari / Tokkyu Yongou (Green) by Ryusei Yokohama
横浜流星 born September 16 1996, Kanagawa Prefecture. He had previously played Jirou Iseki in Kamen Rider Fourze.

Kagura /  Tokkyu Gogou (Pink)  by Ai Moritaka
森高 愛 born January 14 1998 in Saitama, She is Fashion model, actress in two TV dramas.

Producer is Takaaki Utsunomiya (Shinkenger, Gokaiger) and Kei Ishikawa
Screenplay by Yasuko Kobayashi (Shinkenger, Gokauger)
Director by Shojiro Nakazawa (Gokaiger vs. Gavan: The Movie)
Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger 2014 is set to premiere on February 16, 2014.

This casts resembling a lot to Shinkenger in visual. Red and Pink hairstyles, only the addition of Blue's is the new ressurection of having glasses ranger in sentai.

UPDATED: NEW Tokkyuger Trailer is HERE

In the wake of Tokkyuger, Super Sentai Dice-O is going to released the EX (Express - train theme) series. Here the leak images:

Super Sentai Dice-O EX series card in 2014 
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Ayuri Konno of Kyoryu Pink Photos

This is the post for Ayuri Konno of Kyoryu Pink. Her appearances as Amy Yuuzuki is mature, independent and intelligent female member of super sentai. She indeed developed many loved by the fans. Ayuri's photo is rather hard to grab on the web because she did not do a lot of photo shot. Her latest action as photo model only seen in the DVD "Ayu to Thai" , released November 2013. In Indonesian language, Ayu mean "cantik" or beautiful, it fit Ayuri in all senses.

Ayuri Konno 今野 鮎莉
born 10 January 1997, Tokyo
Height: 163cm, 24cm of shoes

Ayuri Konno's DVD Ayu to Thai - buy it here at Amazon

Ayuri Konno in Thailand

more photos on her official blog -

Ayuri Konno / Amy Yuuzuki in Kyoryuger 2013

She also featured at Weekly Pl ayboy - April 2014


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All Super Sentai Red Ranger in Dice O Card Wallpaper

Thanks to Super Sentai Dice O we got hundred of awesome super sentai card. This collectible card and arcade game published art work for all Super Sentai show from Gorenger to the current one, Kyoryugers. From the time Super Sentai Dice O released, all teams already released... except.. Google V, Turboranger and Fiveman. Oh, I can't believe two of my favorite sentai team, Google V and Fiveman are in the last line of queue. These three sentai show widely believe as the least popular teams. Nevermind, I manage to compiled all the team and put it into two wallpapers. For your enjoyment of course... HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 for all Super Sentai fans around the world.

all 37 Super Sentai teams, all red ranger in 1600 x 1200 Wallpaper
artworks from Super Sentai Dice O card

all 37 Super Sentai teams, all red ranger in 1920 x 1080 Wallpaper
artworks from Super Sentai Dice O card

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