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Top 10 Favorite Super Sentai Heroines

This is a fun list to pick ten female super sentai girls and her actress. Firstable, the Showa era of super sentai (officially up to Liveman) were mostly left over because I barely remember them. Except for Momo Pink that I mostly remember because I watched the whole Goggle V series. Start in Jetman, super sentai included drama elements and that made up a good character for their female rangers also. In term of super pretty actress, we may argue it's start from Megaranger, TOEI were seriously hire young and good looking actress to played in super sentai since then. In trivial manner, most of the pretty sexy female were actually casted as the villains prior! So then, this list is based on my personal favorite for a combination of the character and her actresses.

Here is my top ten super sentai heroines actress combo, enjoy:

10. Mika Kikuchi / Umeko = Deka Pink
Umeko is memorable, in Dekaranger she paired with Jasmine, who played the cool  female, Umeko is the cheerful side. She got famous bath tub scenes also. In the future, Mika Kikuchi appeared in 199 Great Battle movie.

9. Haruka Suenaga / Sakura = Bouken Pink
Arguably one of most lovely female in post-2000s super sentai series. In Boukenger, Sakura become the faithful, loyalist, high discipline character that support the leader red ranger. She famous for her serious and cold blood execution, yet affection to other member. In the end Sakura closely related to Akashi. Haruka Suenaga is having a successful career in modeling.

8. Rin Takanashi / Mako Shiraishi = Shinken Pink
 Mako is Shinken Pink in Shinkenger, one of most successful sentai show in the 2000s era. Rin character in Mako is a mature girl who has a kind of darker background. She is less showing emotion but able to read other emotion well, as her story in Mako-Takeru arch. Mako is one of bad cook in super sentai though. Rin Takanashi herself is super pretty and sexy model. She has many photo shoot on famous magazine and album. See her gallery.

7. Tamao Sato / Momo Maruo = Oh Pink
The legend said that when Ohranger created, TOEI what to made this one serious and darker theme to marked their 20th anniversary. They also hired Tamao Sato where the fact was she already quite big name back there. Of course the young Tamao over powered the show and begin asking for more scenes. Then the critical moment in the island history happened, the terrorist Subway Sarin Incident and Kobe earthquake happened in this year. The show need to be altered to make a lighter tones than originally planed. Ohranger did suffered as the result. Of the show, we can always remember the two females character, one is typical serious and leading, Yuri. The other is Momo Maruo, who played by Tamao Sato, the cheerful one. Nonetheless her playing was memorable and lovely to watch. Momo is feminine and on going character. Tamao then returned in Gokaiger episodes, almost fifteen years later and still captivating.

6. Katsumura Mika / Yuri = Time Pink
Yuri of Time ranger is a historical moment in super sentai when the female ranger is the team leader. Played by Katsumura Mika, Yuri represented the mature side of sole female member of the team. Always cool and resourceful is her character. Nothing more to be found after the series about Mika Katsumura and Yuri.

5. Ayuri Konno / Ami = Kyoryu Pink
Although very new, Ayuri Konno stealth the attention of recent viewer of super sentai. She played Ami the pink Kyoryuger. As with other ranger in Kyoryuger, the character is well written. Ami character is very balance, she can become cheerful, intelligent, can go loveable and sentimentil also, especially in the late show. Raised with Western background, her fighting is kick specialized. Ayuri Konno is soon to be famous sentai alumni. See her photo collections.

4. Satomi Hirose / Tsuruhime = Ninja White
When thinking back to Kakuranger, I can only remember Tsuruhime action. The other four 'supporting' male cast are largely forgotten. Tsuruhime is played by Satomi Hirose. She was looking very young in the show, too cheerful to get believe she is a ninja. Satomi repraised her role as Tsuruhime in the Gokaiger tribute episodes.

3. Nao Nagasawa / Nanami = Hurricane Blue
Nao Nagasawa is quite big name post her super sentai year. She played Nanami, a very determined character in Hurricanger. Nanami is resourceful, strong will, quite masculine as she must accompaniment the other four 'ninja' character. Nao Nagasawa make many comeback in super sentai, she is in Gokaiger tribute episodes and then the special movie, Hurricanger 10 years later. See her photos

2. Mao Ichimichi / Luka = Gokai Yellow
Gokaiger is a special super sentai year with all his tribute elements to marked the 35th anniversary of the show. The writer do a lot of works and put in one of most memorable super sentai team. When Luka appeared she amazed many fans and quickly became very strong character in the show. The success of this also part of Mao Ichimichi excellent play. Luka became the brave, fearless, rebellious member that really suit the pirate theme. She quickly became the new bad girl of super sentai. Contrasting with Yui Koike character of 'generic' princess side.  Mao Ichimichi continued her career in other modeling path. See her photo

1. Ayumi Kinoshita / Jasmine = Deka Yellow
Dekaranger, although come as quite 'generic' super sentai show with space police theme, they have one of the best characterization of each ranger. The five of the team have a strong individual concept and Jasmine is stand out as super sentai heroine that will last in memory for very long time. Ayumi Kinoshita perfectly suit Jasmine character. Jasmine is the thinker girl, fully equipped with her esper skill, mature, calm, have a good humor. With a dark background, Jasmine become a bit of back off girl. Ayumi Kinoshita is pretty as well. She and Mika Kikuchi raised the famous twin-angel musical theme in super sentai. Ayumi then comeback in Gokaiger episodes. She is a famous model and a mother by the time of writing!


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