Friday, November 14, 2014

Hanarangers - Female Ninja Sentai in Kakuranger

In the wake of 2015 Super Sentai series that will be a ninja theme, let's revisited some of weird moment in super sentai involving ninja. Of course the one we dig in is in Kakuranger. The interesting part is the existence of Hanarangers, or in full name, Flowery Kunoichi Team (花のくノ一組 Hana no Kunoichi Gumi). Kunoichi is female counter part of ninja.

They are female villains to counter the heroes, Kakuranger. In the story, Hanarangers were created from cats. Apparently since Kakuranger itself is not very popular, the information for Hanarangers is also few. Let's revisited each member of Hanarangers now:

Sakura , pink kunoichi, her flower is Cherry Blossom 
Cast by actress : Sakita Megumi (咲田めぐみ) / Ryo Narushima / Keiko Hayase (born June 3, 1971 in Tokyo, Japan. )

She also played Remi Hoshikawan Five Yellow in Fiveman, creditted as Keiko Hayase

Ayame, blue kunoichi, her flower is Iris. Prettiest among the Hanarangers?
Iris was played by two actress, Maho Suzuki ( 鈴木真帆) (episode 15-20), Ikuma Miki / Miki Namama (生間美紀) (episode 35 - final). The photos are Ikuma Miki.

Suiren, green kunoichi, her flower is Lotus or Water Lily.
Actress : Honda Junko (本田順子)

Yuri, orange kunoichi, her flower is Lily.
actress : Noguchi Ritsuko (野口律子)

Ran, purple kunoichi, her flower is Orchid.
actress : Tanabe Chie /Tomoe Tanabe (田邊智恵).
Tanabe Chie is also notable as stunt women in super sentai and other Tokusatsu show.
She appeared as Mizuki Kido in Gogo V, as temporary member.

Full team of Hanarangers, female villains in Kakuranger 1994.


  1. Does any of the casts in Hanarager has facebook?

  2. In my opinion, Ran is my favourite and my least favourite is Suiren.


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