Friday, October 7, 2016

Power Rangers Dash - Rangers Game Statistic & Guide Walkthrough

Power Rangers Dash is new mobile-based games (Android and iPhone) with Power Ranger theme. It is a side running game and a fun one. There are groups of Power Rangers team ranging from Zyuranger (Mighty Morphin), Wild Force to the latest Dino Charge. You played with three rangers as your team to side running the whole game. You can buy a ranger (and sell), level up, give him more attribute and so on. Here are the screen shot of each rangers and its initial statistic :

Power Rangers Dash - Mighty Morphin Team , based on Zyuranger
The long ranger shooter is Pink Ranger

Power Rangers Dash - Wild Force / Gaoranger team
A good team - Long ranger shooter is Red Wild Force and White Wild Force
Yellow Wild Force special is Triple Jump, which is extremely powerful

Power Ranger Dash Mystic Force / Magiranger team
Long Range Shooter is Pink, Blue and Yellow Mystic

Power Ranger Dash Operation Overdrive / Boukenger team
Recommended start up team ; Long Range shooter is Pink Overdrive.
The Yellow Overdrive speciality is Remove Roadblocks and very useful

Power Ranger Dash S.P.D. / Dekaranger team
Long Range shooter are Red SPD

Power Ranger Dash Dino Charge / Kyoryuger Team
Long Range Shooter are Pink and Black Ranger

Power Ranger Dash Dino Thunder / Abaranger Team
Good team - Long Range Shooter is Red Dino Ranger, which is very powerful

Power Ranger Super Megaforce / Gokaiger
Long range shooter is Pink Super Megaforce

Power Ranger Dash Megaforce / Goseiger Team
Long range shooter are Blue and Pink Megaforce

Power Ranger Dash RPM Go-onger Team
Good team : Long range shooter is Blue and Black operator, Black is very fast starting at 454 SPD

Power Ranger Dash Samurai / Shinkenger Team
Long range shooter is Blue Samurai

Power Rangers Flashman - only appeared in Asia version. Flashman maybe one of popular pre-Power Ranger team
This is the only team without S ranger, so it is theoretical the easiest team to get complete so you can get the Megazord.

Power Rangers Dash - Ninninger Team - available only in Japan version

Power Ranger Dash Walkthrough and Tips :
- For easiest play, when first startup choose Operation Overdrive team. This team able to maximum E-coin, when you are getting lots of e-coin, games becomes easier. It is also even luckier if you got pre-equipped magnetic because all stuff will just flew to you.

- Remember your main fun and objective is to build a complete Ranger series, which mean you need to get S ranger (special/sixth) to complete the team. The S ranger only available via random purchase, bonuses or promotional code. So, the team you going to build is depend on which S ranger you acquired.

- This mean your first objective is to get 10,000 G-points, so you can go to chain purchase to get S ranger.

- Once you acquired B and C grade ranger, play around it. Don't bother to Level up, just sell them off. The cost to level and upgrading them are too expensive. Just focus on random S ranger via chain purchase and buy A ranger at 54,000 E-points each.

- Power Rangers Dash has weird level up system, they include a "SUCCESS" chance. Each level up will show you the "chance", at below 70%, it is quite hard to get level up and it very costly. So, this is your only challenge to level up your A rangers.

- To defeat each stage, recommended ranger level :
   Stage 1 - Endless Desert , use at least Level 2 rangers
   Stage 2 - Legendary Forest, use at least Level 4 rangers
   Stage 3 - Destroyed City, use Level 6 rangers
   Stage 4 - A Village in Ruins, Level 8 up .... and so on

- Team up your party with a strong rangers and at least one shooter / long range. When you fight against boss, it is the shooter that do the best job.

- Use promotional code, these are not cheat codes, it's legal! :
powerrangers, rangershield, superdash, itsmorphintime, Arcadego (got 100,000 E-coins, 20 G-Coins and A Level Ranger). Tips : use this code when you start the game so you will have two A grade ranger.

- Practice double jump in mid of air to jump over long gap

- Gold R.P.M. from R.P.M. has FLYING ability, after your 2nd jump, pressed down the jump button and the rangers will glide down. You can't do attack however when gliding.

To check the Level, here are Youtube video for each stage :
Stage 1 - Endless Desert
Stage 6-10 - Legendary Forest
Stage 11-15 - Destroyed City
Stage 16-20 - Village in the Ruins

Stage 21-25 - Endless Desert 2
Stage 26-30 - Legendary Forest 2
Stage 31-35 - Destroyed City 2
Stage 36-40 - Vast Universe
Stage 41-45 - Legendary Forest 3 (This is the last stage available at the moment... when you finish this extremely difficult stage, you'll get a free whole team as per your choice)

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