Monday, September 12, 2016

Gokaiger vs Zyuohger - Super Sentai 2000 Episodes Anniversary

With the 40th Super Sentai series running this year, the show reach their #2000 episodes somewhere in episode #29 of Zyuohger. Zyuohger is the running 2016 super sentai series. It is also the 40th super sentai series in the franchise. Although the series did not do anything special about their 40th status (unlike Gokaiger in their 35th anniversary) the show do the 2000th episode anniversary with double episode which bring back Gokaiger in the show. The whole Gokaiger cast appeared and do a mini Gokaiger vs Zyuohger as double episodes, those are episodes #28 and #29. The story that Captain Marvelaous back to Earth to continue their journey to find the most precious treasure got conflict with the current Earth's defender, that is Zyuohger. The story went quite well actually.

Here are the screenshot on those two episodes, with highlight on Gokaiger's special transformation into past super sentai series :

Gokaiger red first transformation - Gaoranger / Gaored, a tribute to the current animal theme Jyuohger

another animal theme is Gekiranger, a cheetah 

don't you know that Go-busters also got animal theme

while Gokai Red busy with Jyuoh Eagle, the rest of Gokaiger team appeared to challenge the rest of Jyuohger

legendary Jetman in 2016, the flying ranger is a tribute to current Jyuohger Eagle, both got wing in their suit

first past super sentai team combo : Kyoryuger Pink, ToQger Green, Ninninger Blue and Gobusters Yellow

Gokaiger vs Zyuohger in the 2000th super sentai episodes -  a very special tag team that spawn five years between the team

the happy Gokaiger and Zyuohger team

past red super sentai rangers : Sun Vulcan, Goseiger, Gingaman, Gekiranger and Zyuranger

past red Super Sentai rangers - Boukenger , Magiranger, Shinkenger, Carranger, Flashman

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