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Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Official Actors Actresses

By the time we passed 2015 Christmas, the official cast for Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger has finally revealed:

Zyuoh Eagle = Masaki Nakao 中尾 正樹
Zyuoh Lion = Shohei Nanba 南羽翔平
Zyuoh Shark = Miki Yanagi 柳美樹
Zyuoh Elephant = Tsurugi Watanabe 渡邉剣
Zyuoh Tiger = Haruka Tateishi 立石晴香 (たていし はるか)

A quick internet search did not come with many results, indicated that they were quite new talent. Tateishi Haruka is in TV series "Hammer Sesion", check Wiki Addicts

The confirmation came from this scanned page:

2016 Super Sentai Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger - Masaki Nakao, Miki Yanagi, Haruka Tateishi, Tsurugi Watanabe, Shohei Nanba




FILL UP Ou Eagle / to play the wind off Yamato, the TV drama debut become Nakao NobuTatsuki (Nakao Masaki). Bare-19-year-old it will challenge the "awakening" of as an actor in the unknown world!

And to play a gun Ow Shark / Serra, Yanagi Miki  to be active as a model in a tall and friendly character. In cultivated rich expressive power as a model, expected to gather even as an actress, it is inevitable break of the hot stock.

FILL UP Ow Lion / Leo, the 24-year-old to be the oldest in the five Minami-wa Shohei Nanba. Feat kendo, tapir air. It is attention to the action that takes advantage of the height of the overwhelming physical ability.

The play a gun Ow Elephant / Tusk,  Tsurugi Watanabe sword of  2014 Junon Super Boy Contest Finalist (Watanabe Ken). In addition to play a movie starring the 2016 spring public, it is a young promising strain to spread the width of activity such as drama and CM.

Gun to follow play a Tiger / Amu, was awarded to the 2007 Grand Prix Nicola model audition, it was shining in God quasi Grand Prix result, in the model audition 2010 Tateishi Haruka. Model since graduation in 2013, it appeared in this work as the first job!

We also looks like getting official spelling as "Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger" . Something close to Zyuranger.

The show will be premiered at February 14th, 2016. The translation for Zyuman can also be "Juman". The first episode guide is up to in official Toei page here. The premise in Japanese :

地球が宇宙に誇る“生命” ―動物。



スーパー戦隊シリーズ 第40作


Zyuohger premise is something like this:

Zyuland, a parallel universe where the Zyumans live, is facing aliens invasion. Four "Zyumans" named Sera, Amu, Tusk and Leo flee to our world and recruit human named Yamato. Together they disguised in human form, the Zyumans and Yamato teamed up to be become Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger!

Zyuohger first episode from official website

By now, tons of magazine scan had been seen by public and circulating.

Zyuohger magazine scan and official 40th Super Sentai Anniversary photo team up

another hi-res Zyuohger magazine scan

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