Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ninninger Suit Casts Rumours and Colors Revealed

The 2015 Shuriken Sentai Nin'ninger's suit design and color scheme had just circulated online.


UPDATED: as per Dec 10, 2014. Many toy scan of Ninninger mecha has been circulated online by now.

UPDATED: Finally the first quality image of Ninninger just circulated online. The photo taken from promotional poster shocked super sentai comunities with its excellent design.

2015 Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

There are also revealed official name for each ranger:
01.アカニンジャー = Aka Ninger / Ninja (Red Ninja)
02.アオニンジャー = Aoninger/ja
03.キニンジャー = Kininger
04.シロニンジャー = Shironinger (White Ninja)
05.モモニンジャー = Momoninger

The first collectible item is called Shinobi Shuriken . It is put into the weapon and then rotated them to transform. This is just like Shinkenger. Source

Three days ago:
The first pictures is like this:

As can be seen, the colors are: RED, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE, and PINK.
So this is the first color scheme with a notable new records of having WHITE and PINK female rangers together in one team. We can see White rangers in: Changeman, Jetman, Kakuranger and Gaoranger. All those are having male Black ranger instead of Pink. Also J.A.K.Q is also have Big White, but they have green. On male Yellow ranger, this is the first since Magiranger, and before that, Hurricanger.

The suit also having a large strips with unique symbol pattern, reminiscence of Gaoranger and Kyoryuger. The visor is shapes, as in Shinkenger and also Ohranger, but in not very same way as them, so it is a new concept. The suit still has a ninja-type armor in the arms, the same as in Hurricanger.

Noted that some online viewer, especially from Japan, still doubt the authenticity of this photo. But since this is the first week of December, where the toy catalog being out for Christmas, it is fit the information release timeline. Enjoy.


UPDATED: per Dec 12th, the third batch of NinNinja / Ninninger rumor casts are:

赤 Aka / Red - Shunsuke Nishikawa 西川俊介 (from GTO)
青 Ao / Blue - Gaku Matsumoto 松本岳
黄 Ki / Yellow - Kaito Nakamura 中村嘉惟人
白 Shiro / White -  Yuka Yajima 矢島優花
桃 Momo / Pink -  Kasumi Yamaya  山谷花純

UPDATED: As per Dec 10th, the second rumoured casts is circulated online. Few day after, more rumors about Nininger casts, which is much more wild speculation based only by the first kanji name taken from forum sources:

AkaNinger: Kento Nishijima (Prince of Tennis Musicals)
AoNinger: Yuya Matsushita (Black Butler Musical)
KiNinger: Taishi Nakagawa (GTO 2012)
ShiroNinger: Yuka Yano
MomoNinger: Akari Yamada 山田朱莉  (Suiensaa Season 2)

UPDATED: Rumored actor / actress circulated online the day after the Nin'ninger suit design leak:

rumored casts are:
Red = Hideya Tawada 多和田秀弥 (from Prince of Tennis Musicals, member of Top Coat)
Blue = Yuichi Nakamura 中村 優一 (Played Yuto in Kamen Rider Den-O)
Yellow = Mario Kuroba 黒羽麻璃央 (from Prince of Tennis Musical, previously rumored)
White = Sakura Sato 佐藤さくら (Gravure Idol)
Pink = Seika Furuhata 古畑星夏 (from Blue Demon, member of LesPros)

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