Thursday, December 25, 2014

2015 Super Sentai - Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Official Cast

Finally, after months of speculation, the official cast of Shuriken Sentai Ninninger is made public. All the cast have been known before in the rumors, still we welcome their new days as member of Super Sentai world.

The cast are:

赤 Akaninger / Red / Igasaki Takaharu - Shunsuke Nishikawa 西川俊介
青 Aoninger / Blue / Katou Yakuma - Gaku Matsumoto 松本岳
黄 Kininger / Yellow / Matsuo Nagi - Kaito Nakamura 中村嘉惟人
白 Shironinger / White / Igasaki Fuuka -  Yuka Yano 矢野 優花
桃 Momoninger / Pink / Momochi Kasumi -  Kasumi Yamaya 山谷花純

Supporting casts

Igasaki Tsumuji - Yashiba Toshihiro is  Takaharu and Fuuka's father
Last Ninja / Igasaki Yoshitaka - Sasano Takashi is grandfater of the Igasaki siblings

The names are based on weather theme.
Takaharu = clear skies
Yakuma = clouds
Nagi = calm
Fuuka = windy
Momochi = lands
Tsumiji = whirlwind
Yoshitaka = fine weather

There is a full stories translate from Asahi Page here into English page here.

Akaninger/Igasaki Takaharu will be played by Shunsuke Nishikawa. Nishikawa has practiced Judo for five years.

Aoninger/Kato Cloud Yakumo will be played by Gaku Matsumoto. This will be Matsumoto’s first role as a main cast member.

Kininger/Matsuo Nagi will be played by Kaito Nakamura.

Shironinger/Igasaki Fuka, who is the sister of Takaharu, will be played by Yuka Yano. Yano will also be acting in her first main cast role.

Momoninger/Momochi Kasumi will be played by Kasumi Yamaya. Yamaya acted as Rumi Komaki in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum and also had a role in Space Sheriff Shaider: NEXT GENERATION.

 伊賀崎 天晴(いがさき・たかはる)…… 西川 俊介(にしかわ・しゅんすけ)
 加藤 クラウド 八雲(かとう・くらうど・やくも)…… 松本 岳(まつもと・がく)
 松尾 凪(まつお・なぎ)…… 中村 嘉惟人(なかむら・かいと)
 伊賀崎 風花(いがさき・ふうか)…… 矢野 優花(やの・ゆうか)
 百地 霞(ももち・かすみ)…… 山谷 花純(やまや・かすみ)

Ninninger Trailers:

You can read the pre-official / rumors casting history here

official webs:

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