Sunday, February 12, 2017

Kyuranger Premiere Episode One Review

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger finally premiere on Sunday February 12, 2017. The 41st Super Sentai series will succeeded Zyuohger, which is the 40th Super Sentai. As we all experienced, the general consensus for the last three super sentais, from Kyoryuger, are mostly below expectation. The ToQger in 2014, Ninninger in 2015, and Jyuohger in 2016, all left super sentai fans a mixed feelings. Thus, quite a big expectation fell upon Kyuranger.

Especially, as per known design, Kyuranger is getting extra ordinary design. This is the first super sentai team to have nine ranger, announced right from the start. The fresh theme and motive is space and planetary, and also star sign. Making Kyuranger already having a nice start build up.

The first episodes actually written very well. Story are fast pace but yet have enough room for building up the story. Let's see some of my screenshots below:

The first scene shown alien invasion. The villains is translated as Space Shogunate by Powerranger Wikia. The foot soldier design looks close to Gokaiger and Go-Busters.

Opening theme is ":Lucky Star" by Project R , sing by Tomohiro Hatano.
With nine rangers, the opening clip is dense with actions.

Kyuranger is one of the rare sentai series to open with line up of Yellow, Green and Black ranger.

Entrance for Pink Ranger - Washi Pink - Raptor, actress by M.A.O.

Entrance for Chameleon Green Ranger. This is the first time, Green is a female ranger. Her name is Hammy , Actress by 大塚 明夫 Ōtsuka Akio

Kajiki Yellow, name Spada. Actor by 榊原 徹士 Sakakibara Tetsuji

Shishi Red is the an astronaut, he just meet with the guy in episode one. 

His character is going to be vibrant and cheerful. Remind us to King in Kyoryuger, but perhaps more calm. Actor by 岐洲 匠 Kizu Takumi

The robo design are great. All ranger fly inside a Sphere-shape unit. They are combine into arms, head and feet. This is the first time after many years where the robo cockpit is separated for each ranger. Not all in one cockpit as in previous sentais.

Ookami Blue Ranger is unique. His suit is in wool texture! And he has a white fur in the shoulder.

Entrance for Garu, the blue ranger. Actor by 中井 和哉 Nakai Kazuya

Episode one shown only six members, with five transformed into ranger. We expected at least to meet Silver and Gold ranger in episode two. The Ending Theme is "Kyutama Dancing". Expected the English fan sub by TV Nihon and others to be released in couple of day. My final impression, the first episodes looks really good and promising!

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