Sunday, December 25, 2016

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger 2017 Actors and Actress Line Up

The mystery behind intrique 2017 Uchu Sentai Kyuranger have finally almost all revealed. The first impressions about their what-about already posted before. As we all know, this going to be a strong season with nine rangers immediately announced and most probably will directly put it the show. Making Kyuranger, the 41st Super Sentai, the first of its kind to have more than five rangers started in the beginning.

Alas, when the Kyuranger actors and actress finally revealed, we got only positive five cast that have human form. This mean the other four rangers will be played with mask, as they are not human form. To make it clear, here the details story line for Kyuranger as posted in official TV-ASAHI website:

The stage of the story is the far space of the future far away. It is the world where hope was lost under the rule of evil organization Jack Matter. However, nine warriors appeared mysteriously, summoned by Keizama/Kyutama that possessed the power of the constellation. They are legend that saves the universe. The nine 's  is precisely called as  Kyuranger.They are chosen human being and they are alien from different constellation systems. The five human types are : Shishi Red, Scorpion Orange, Kajiki Yellow, Hebitsukai Silver, and Chameleon Green.
The alien members are : 
Wolf Blue, Tenbin Gold, Oshi Black, and Washi Pink Rapter283. Everyone is a leading squadron.

Details characters and casts for Kyuranger as follow  :

Sembilan Ranger Hadir di Kyuranger 2017

Setiap tahun, stasiun televisi Jepang mendesain seri Super Sentai dengan desain baru dan unik. Desain super sentai tahun 2017 adalah salah satu yang paling inovatif yaitu team super sentai dengan nama Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. Uchu Sentai Kyuranger akan menjadi tim ke-41 super sentai. Ulang tahun Super Sentai ke-40 baru saja usai dirayakan di seri Zyuohger.

Sembilan ranger akan hadir di Kyuranger. Setidaknya inilah penampakan desain poster dan magazine yang menayangkan ada sembilan karakter di Kyuranger. Ini adalah inovasi baru dari TOEI / TV Asahi, karena selama ini semua super sentai dihadirkan pertama kalinya hanya sejumlah lima ranger / karakter. Baru kemudian ranger ke-enam diperkenalkan di tengah-tengah seri setelah berjalan.

Sembilan ranger di Kyuranger adalah :

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Complete 2017 Uchu Sentai Kyuranger Designs Explained

It's December and the rumors about 2017 Super Sentai, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, has finally revealed. As the week rolls in, the image of Kyuranger has now presented to us in higher resolution. The first images of Kyuranger is circulated in this IMAGE. Which is enough to give a shock in Sentai world. We are now in the track to having the first sentai series where the initial rangers is NINE units!

A week after, the full image of our nine Kyuranger are finally appeared. They are in toy catalog and here are some of edited images. You can find all complete toy catalog with simple google search for "Kyuranger" :

so our 2017 Super Sentai, Kyuranger are : from left to right :
WashiPink (Eagle), HebitsukaiSilver (Snake), TenbinGold (Libra), SasoriOrange (Scorpion), ShishiRed (Lion), OokamiBlue (Wolf), OushiBlack (Bull), ChameleonGreen (Chameleon), KajikiYellow (Swordfish)

the theme for 2017 super sentai is obvious now. Kyuranger is a sky planetary and constellation theme super sentai.

the weapons for the nine Kyurangers are called Kyuza Weapons :
Individual Weapons and Team Weapon
        Kyu Sword (Red), Kyu Spear (Orange), Kyu Claw (Blue), Kyu Crossbow (Gold),  Kyu Axe (Black), Kyu Sickle (Silver), Kyu Rapier (Green), Kyu Shot (Pink), Kyu Slasher (Yellow)
See, there are all weapon available in fantasy world included

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger (宇宙戦隊キュウレンジャー Uchu Sentai Kyuranger) or Space Squadron Kyuranger will be a Space, Planetaries, Constellation and even Animal theme for super sentai. They are the first one for this detailed theme. Some of past super sentai that share this theme are :
- Most of the '80s sentai : Sun Vulcan, Changeman, Flashman that have outer space theme
- Most of animal sentai : Gaoranger, Gekiranger to Zyuohger
- Dekaranger for its space police theme

Unique for Kyuranger will be a lot :
- One of the very first green female ranger in super sentai world
- Obviously the first to have all nine rangers appeared in initial line up, at least in promotion
- The black bull is a bulky guy, similar to Bull Black in Gingaman
- The nine constellations connected to Kyuranger are :

  • Shisi Red used Leo constellation 
  • Chameleon Green is Chameleon constellation
  • Kajiki Yellow is Dorado , or Swordfish constellation
  • Oushi Black is Taurus constellation
  • Ookami Blue is Lupus / The Wolf constellation
  • Sasori Orange is Scorpions constellation
  • Tenbin Gold is Libra constellation
  • Hebitsukai Silver is Ophiucus, or the Snake constellation 
  • Washi Pink is Aquila, or the Eagle constellation
- The nine rangers is also obviously about our nine planet in solar system (well, hello Pluto...) but no confirmation about this right now

- The vehicle / mecha for Kyuranger will be simply called Voyagers, there confirmed five voyagers to form a super robo - KyurenOh :
1. Shishi Voyager
2. Ookami Voyager
3. Oushi Voyager
4. Chameleon Voyager
5. Kajiki Voyager

- We will switching from cube theme in Zyuoger to sphere theme in Kyuranger, how nice.

- Finally, the suit design for Kyuranger is extremely futuristic. All ranger share little theme each other and in unique individual design.

- Pink ranger is the first to have a cupid style wing, instead of bird-like wing as in Jetman and Red Zyuohger

- As we know, this will be the 41st Super Sentai. A very strong reboot in the series with all nine rangers formation. Love it.

Surely this will be a busy season for super sentai in 2017. For now, let's wait for the next storm. The casting for 2017 Super Sentai Kyuranger, actresses and actors revealed.
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