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Uchu Sentai Kyuranger 2017 Actors and Actress Line Up

The mystery behind intrique 2017 Uchu Sentai Kyuranger have finally almost all revealed. The first impressions about their what-about already posted before. As we all know, this going to be a strong season with nine rangers immediately announced and most probably will directly put it the show. Making Kyuranger, the 41st Super Sentai, the first of its kind to have more than five rangers started in the beginning.

Alas, when the Kyuranger actors and actress finally revealed, we got only positive five cast that have human form. This mean the other four rangers will be played with mask, as they are not human form. To make it clear, here the details story line for Kyuranger as posted in official TV-ASAHI website:

The stage of the story is the far space of the future far away. It is the world where hope was lost under the rule of evil organization Jack Matter. However, nine warriors appeared mysteriously, summoned by Keizama/Kyutama that possessed the power of the constellation. They are legend that saves the universe. The nine 's  is precisely called as  Kyuranger.They are chosen human being and they are alien from different constellation systems. The five human types are : Shishi Red, Scorpion Orange, Kajiki Yellow, Hebitsukai Silver, and Chameleon Green.
The alien members are : 
Wolf Blue, Tenbin Gold, Oshi Black, and Washi Pink Rapter283. Everyone is a leading squadron.

Details characters and casts for Kyuranger as follow  :

ShishiRed/Lucky by actor Kizu Takumi (19). Lucky is an adventurer traveling in space from the Shishi System. Lucky is Leo constellation.

HebitsukaiSilver/Naga Ray will be played by Yamazaki Taiki (21). Naga Rey is an cold-bllod warrior from the Hebitsukai system. Naga Ray is from Snake constellation.

ScorpionOrange/Stinger will be portrayed by Kisi Yousuke (23). Stinger is a mysterious warrior from the Scorpio system. Stinger is Scorpion constellation and have a real sting in his butt.

ChameleonGreen/Hammy will be played by Ookuba Sakurako (18). Hammy is a space ninja born in the Chameleon system. She is from Chameleon constellation.

KajikiYellow/Spada will be portrayed by Sakakihara Tetsuji (27). Spada is a ambitious who obsessed to be number one cook in the galaxy, from the Kajiki system. He is a Swordfish constellation.

Alien types:
OkamiBlue/Garu is a half beastman from the Okami system.
TenbinGold/Balance is a thief and mechanical life form originally from the Tenbin system.
OshiBlack/Champ is a androind wrestler champion from the Oshi system.
WashiPink/Rapter283 is a pilot android from the Washi system.

All the cast looks really fresh and new comers. Actor Kizu Takumi is from Aichi-Ken hometown and very tall in 183 cm.

Actress Ookuba Sakurako , born 1998, is playing the first green female ranger in Kyuranger.

榊原徹士 Sakakihara Tetsuji is the oldest among them. Sakakihara played in several drama before and movie Oh! Godfather (2014).  He is 27 old from Aichi Prefecture.

Actor 岸 洋佑 Kisi Yousuke with his tweet on his character in Kyuranger :
Lastly, actor 山崎大輝 Yamazaki Taiki is second cast to have quite large career information. His official blog in got information to dig in.

So, that's all for now. The four remaining alien-type ranger still do not have their voice actor reveals. It is understandable that TOEI will not want to cast as huge as nine actors to bound with their super sentai franchise. This is perhaps to prevent trouble in the future where Kyuranger need to do reunion or a cameo in distance future.

One thing for sure is, Kyuranger going to be a strong series. Here the quotation from producer :

Producer Asahi's Inoue Chihiro producer said, "I just wanted an impact, I did not add up, because one of them needed a number of heroes to deal with the mighty enemies that put the whole space in their hands in the hands." And explained. "Another reason is that I wanted to draw a diverse character so that I could enjoy it throughout the year," he continued. It is said that the width of the story spreads out with a combination of different characters every week.

It is also revealed that the whole Kyuranger character was design by Area 51 artist Masato Hisa.
Staff credits :

Shibasaki Takayuki - head director
Nobuhiro Mori - head writer, (Kamen Rider OOO, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters, Kamen Rider Gaim, Kamen Rider Drive, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger, and Kamen Rider Ghost.)
Hirofumi Fukuzawa - action director.
Motoi Sasaki - chief producer. His debut as chief producer.

The opening theme song - “LUCKY STAR”
The ending theme is  “KyuTama Dancing!”.
Soundtrack by Yosuke Yamashita

Uchu Sentai Kyuranger will premiere on February 12th, 2017.

Official website :

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