Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shuriken Sentai Ninninger Episode 1 - First Impressions

Finally, Shuriken Sentai Ninninger 2015 primer on air. These are first impressions screen shot, to be added more soon:

伊賀崎 天晴 Igasaki Takaharu is Akaninger (actor 西川 俊介 Nishikawa Shunsuke)

First Episode begin with Akaninger / Red 

Nagi Matsuo (松尾 凪), is Kininger (キニンジャー Kininjā). Cast by Kaito Nakamura (中村 嘉惟人).

Kasumi Momochi (百地 霞), is Momoninger (モモニンジャー Momoninjā). Cast by Kasumi Yamaya (山谷 花純).

Fuka Igasaki (伊賀崎 風花 Igasaki Fūka), Takaharu's sister is Shironinger (シロニンジャー Shironinjā). Cast by Yuuka Yano (矢野 優花 Yano Yūka).

Yakumo "Cloud" Kato (加藤 クラウド 八雲), is Aoninger (アオニンジャー Aoninjā). Cast by Gaku Matsumoto (松本 岳).

welcome, Ninninger casts

the ninja class room as seen on Ninninger Episode 2 Preview

Toei Official Youtube Channel just added Ending Dance Tutorial, what a great thing for kids!
View it HERE

Updated: More quality Ninninger graphics and wallpaper here

shuriken sentai ninninger raw subtitles episode 1 download

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