Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Power Ranger Card Battle Series 3 - Card List

Power Ranger Card Battle series 3 already on the machine for few weeks by now. This is the flyer and as soon as I got the sample of the card, I'll posted it here. Meanwhile, the official website is still showing only Series 1. All four series of PR-Card Battle has been up on official website.

The flyer with complete card list, some of them are a design that appear in Series 2.

Power Ranger Card Battle Series 3

See the unofficial list of Series 2 and Series 1.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

ToQger Premiere Episode 1 - Wallpaper

The first episode of ToQger is on-air by TV-Asahi by now in Japan. For International super sentai fans, we'll need to wait sometime before the fans-sub getting on the episodes.
UPDATED: Fansub are released, check our list here!

Meanwhile, here the pictures gathered from internet and wallpapers I created.

Welcome, 2014 Super Sentai ToQger , the 38th Super Sentai! 烈車戦隊トッキュウジャー!

38th Super Sentai ToQger - Wallpaper 1280 x 800

Super Sentai 2014 ToQger - Wallpaper 1280 x 720

raw video of ToQger Episode 1 premiere - transform screenshot

the interchange concept between ranger is unique
this is the second sentai to have a male Pink ranger, after Gokaiger I guess

the henshin moment, Reissha Sentai ToQger 2014

ToQger mecha transform sequences
it's been a while since TOEI use human form of female villain,  ToQger also only got a monster form of female villain, let's hope it also has human form.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Episode 48 Final - Goodbye Kyoryuger and Welcome ToQger

Finally, one more Super Sentai series has reach its end. 37th Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger has complete their fate. It was a good one and for sure one of Super Sentai series that give a deep impression and memories. We gonna missed you Kyoryugers! Here the final episode 48 screenshots.

The Cast:
One of biggest asset in Kyoryuger is their large cast ensemble. From the core five team of Kyoryuger, extended to Torin, and the spirits. Also the second team of Kyoryuger, which is only revealed in episode 47 and this mark the new Super Sentai record to be a substitute team on the show. The supporting cast of Gentle, Rika and Candelira also give their parts to enriched the show. A flashback to the Kyoryuger cast:

Daigo "King" as red ranger, is very dominant in the show,
Amy is the lead female 

Yayoi Ulshade, Souji Rippukan , Utsusemimaru, Nobuharu Udo, Ian Yorkland

Marie Iitoyo as Yayoi, the second female ranger and performed excellent in Kyoryuger

 human form of Candelira character , a minor appearances  by Haruka Tomatsu who also her voices actress

Doctor Ulshade and Kingy Dantetsu Kiryu, the "senior" Kyoryuger, pretty well concept in Kyoryuger

Minor character, Gentle performed by Kentaro Shimazu

Rika Fukui by Nanami Tsunamoto

and of course, Ayumi Kinoshita, who historically become the first female actress who officially casted in two super sentai team

The Kyoryugers
They are the first super sentai team that comprised of ten members, all fight together in one event and serial. Dekaranger also got as many ranger, but they are separated in several events. Kyoryuger also the first sentai team that has strong connection between the current sentai team and their previous predecessor, in this case called the 'spirits'. Shinkenger also got the same concept of previous sentai team, but they are not shown completely in the show.

Ten Ranger in Kyoryuger - the most sentai party to date

Ramirez become the first Western actor to be part of Super Sentai
Torin and Tessai as important supporting characters

and finally, let's welcome ToQger.... and give a good faith that it will become a successful super sentai show for 2014 !

Goodbye Kyoryuger !!   Welcome Toqger, the 38th Super Sentai!!

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