Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sixth Ranger Galore in Gokaiger episode 15-16

In a second serious fight between Sentai (Shinken-Red (fouled) vs Goseiger perhaps the first one), Basco summoned all the sixth ranger to fight Gokaiger. This is a bit late, but the fight against Bosco revealed a bit for the official count of sixth rangers. The present of sixth ranger key as revealed is as follows.

Shinkenger, King Ranger (Ohranger), Time Fire, Dekabreak and Zyu Dragon
are the first line up that got Final Wave-ed earlier.

It's turn out that Basco actually literally has all Sixth ranger keys!
The second line up are: Go on Wings, Gosei Knight, Kiba Ranger (Dairanger), Shinken Gold
Magi Shine, Mega Silver, Gao Silver, Abare Killer and Bouken Silver

Go on Wings, Magi Shine, Gosei Knight and Kiba Ranger in
Final Wave scenes.

Basco holding the next line up :
Signal Man (carranger), Wolzard Fire (Father of the Magiranger before transformed to "Black" Wolzard), BullBlack, Shinken-Red (Kaoru),
and Deka Master

and in his left hand are:
Zubaan, Magi Mother, and Mele

The reason Mele included is because Gekiranger already got "standard" five ranger and no standard sixth ranger that fight side by side in their normal show. Mele and Rio did actually in the side of Gekiranger in the Geki vs Bouken movie.

Inclusion of Zubaan is also questioned, Zubaan is not the real normal human.
Inclusion of Magi Mother should raise possibility of Wolzard and all the Magi Sky Saint's.
Inclusion of Deka Master is acceptable because he did fight through the series, then Deka Bright and Deka Gold should be considered.
In Carranger , I guess Signal Man is in but VRV Master out.

All will be revealed more in Episode 18, btw, Gokai Silver finally in the show.
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