Thursday, May 26, 2011

Comedy in Super Sentai

Suddenly most of Sentai blog posting about humour/parody/comedy/gimmick in Super Sentai. Well, I am going to highlight funny and entertaining Super Sentai series according to me.

Just a note, most of Sentai before 2000s tends to be serious, perhaps because the actor/team treat the Sentai show as something dramatic and play them in serious way. But, maybe after Carranger, Super Sentai begin to move in as parody and play more humour in it. I do like the humour, and I think that is the strong side of the show. Super Sentai, with coloured super hero, is actually a parody of the whole super hero genre. And as some smart guy say , it is much harder to made people laugh than to made people sad.

Some notable very funny show in Super Sentai:

Kakuranger, Zyuranger, Fiveman, Jetman
Started the show in very bizzare way, but the humour is on par level each other, with comedic episodes enough to make adult people raising eyebrow and laugh. Ninjaman in Kakuranger developed a weird comedy element.

Most parodic series. Carranger legend said that the Super Sentai show almost cancelled after the poor performance of Ohranger. The team begin to survive the show in a very bizzare way, by doing a parodic super sentai series. The result is excellent, the audiences loves it. Some parodic elements in carranger :
- The Carranger team that too parodic and anti-hero performances
- Weird concept about the whole villain motives to destroy the Earth, because the Earth 'blocking' a way for the building of Galaxy's Highway
- The funny concept about the Bowzock, and Zonette crush on Red racer
- the sixth hero is replace by parodic Signal man

Long after Carranger, perhaps Hurricaneger is the only parodic sentai once again. Some of middle episodes are really eye raising, with the villain concept of Wendinu, Furabijo and Satorakura giving the most bizzare villain.

Wendinu transform to a cute teacher in one of bizzare episode

Dekaranger have a mild parodic element, but mostly a more adult humour in dialog rather than doing bizzare thing. Deka Yellow, Jasmine is the most member that will pop up a smart-fun dialog. I like Dekaranger mainly because of the humour element in it

Similar to Dekaranger, Boukenger also decorated with more humours. Some of episodes idea are really parodic and fun to watch. The 'precious' seeking episode some come with bizzare idea, for example the "Cinderella" episodes, "Feng Shui" episodes etc.

Bouken Red in Feng shui powered costume, perhaps hardly can be
seen in any other Sentai

Go onger is the intended parodic Sentai similar to Carranger. Most of storyline in Goonger episodes is intended to entertain young audiences. The actors casting also excellent in supporting the roles, some of my favorite moment of super sentai are in Go onger.

Shinkenger and Gokaiger
Both series have a good storyline written, and good story line involved lots of humour to make it watchable in long run by adult audiences. Shinkenger and Gokaiger is not intended parodic/humour Sentai series, but it have many passing humour that logic to the storyline. As usual the villain are doing more bizzare humour.

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